Meet the top MuleSoft community contributors (May ‘19)

MuleSoft Community at CONNECT Atlanta

Read on to discover the best highlights from May 2019 and see what’s coming up in June!

What a month! May was packed with amazing events that gathered the MuleSoft Community all around the world: MuleSoft CONNECT in Atlanta, TrailheaDX in San Francisco, and 14 Meetups in 8 countries. Our team was also happy to see 17 Trailblazers from our community being recognized for their achievements.

June will be just as busy: 26 (yes, 26!) Meetups across 11 countries are coming up, as well as MuleSoft CONNECT in San Francisco on June 25th and 26th.

Read on to discover the best highlights from May 2019 and see what’s coming up in June!

Special shout-outs

Let’s recognize the amazing contributions that five of our community members delivered this month.

Airbnb's Dharmesh Data presenting at TDX19

Dharmesh Data, Principal Technical Architect at Airbnb

Within a month, Dharmesh has shared with the attendees of our San Francisco Meetup how Airbnb addressed GDPR requirements, spoken at TrailheaDX about how he helped connect multiple business departments at Airbnb, has been recognized as a Trailblazer, and he is ready to share even more! On behalf of the team and the community, thank you Dharmesh! We can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Nvidia's Saiesh Prakash presenting at TDX19

Saiesh Prakash, Cloud Integration Architect at Nvidia

Remember when Saiesh shared how he and his team at Nvidia connected 12 different systems to comply with GDPR? At TrailheaDX, he was back to share with Salesforce Developers how they can implement streaming APIs from Salesforce using Anypoint Platform. For his tremendous work at Nvidia, and the way he blazes trails for his team, Saiesh has been recognized as a Trailblazer. Congratulations Saiesh! Saiesh is based in the South Bay, and you can meet him at future Meetups there.

MuleSoft Ambassador Miguel Martinez at TDX19

Miguel Martinez, MuleSoft COE & Practice Lead at Mastech Infotrellis, and MuleSoft Ambassador

Miguel attended MuleSoft CONNECT in Atlanta and participated in an Ask-Me-Anything session in our Community area. Then, he flew to San Francisco, to give a talk about Salesforce and MuleSoft Integration best practices. Add to that Meetups in Dallas and his recent participation in Raleigh – you can say that Miguel is pretty much everywhere! For his constant contribution to the community and his willingness to share advice with others, Miguel has been recognized as a Trailblazer and a MuleSoft Ambassador. Next stop for Miguel: Dallas Meetup on June 19th!

Big Compass' Navin Kare at MuleSoft CONNECT Atlanta meetup

Navin Kare, Senior Consultant at Big Compass, shared a great presentation on how to expand Anypoint Platform’s capabilities by developing custom connectors at our special Meetup at MuleSoft Atlanta CONNECT.

MuleSoft Ambassador Jason Estevan at MuleSoft CONNECT Atlanta

Jason Estevan, Founder of EsteSolutions and MuleSoft Ambassador, flew all the way from Toronto to Atlanta to share his journey with MuleSoft and give an AMA session on our Community booth.

The helpers of the month

This month again, we’d like to recognize the work of several community members who provided great answers to their peers:

Thanks to all these developers for making the MuleSoft Community a great place to learn and get help!

The blogs of the month

Several great blogs caught our attention this month:

DataWeave 2.2 – Additions to the Arrays Module, Part 1

DataWeave 2.2 – Additions to the Arrays Module, Part 2
by Joshua Erney, Senior Software Engineer at MS3 and MuleSoft Ambassador.

MuleSoft recently released runtime version 4.2.0, and along with it, DataWeave 2.2! DataWeave 2.2 brings many new features. In this particular post, Joshua goes over some of the additions to the Arrays module (dw::core::Arrays). He covers the new functions, how they relate back to concepts that you likely already know, and gives a few examples of how to use them and when to use them.

How to do Deploy Mule Apps with Maven and Jenkins Pipeline
by Manik Magar, MuleSoft Architect at AVIO Consulting and MuleSoft Ambassador.

Building and deploying your Mule applications can be fully managed using Maven. In the development phase, Anypoint Studio makes it easy to manage your application dependencies using Maven. For deployment tasks, MuleSoft provides a Maven plugin that can help to automate the deployment to different target runtime environments such as standalone, CloudHub, ARM, cluster and more.

Runtime Fabric – Set up your development environment on AWS

by Patryk Bandurski, Integration Developer and Senior Consultant at PwC Polska and MuleSoft Ambassador

In this post, Patryk describes how to set up a development environment using Runtime Fabric and Docker. He covers the requirements and provides a detailed walkthrough.

Runtime Fabric – How to enable HTTP traffic

by Patryk Bandurski, Integration Developer and Senior Consultant at PwC Polska and MuleSoft Ambassador

Now you’ve learned how to set up the development environment on AWS. By default, inbound access to each application deployed on such environment is prohibited. In this article, Patryk provides a simple walkthrough explaining how to configure ingress enable HTTP traffic.

HashiCorp Vault Connector for Mule 4

by Adam Mead, Senior Consultant at AVIO Consulting

HashiCorp Vault is a great place to store your secrets, but how does one quickly and easily integrate from Mule 4? Adam describes here the Vault Connector and Vault Properties Provider that AVIO offers. Both are open-source and easy to add to your project.

Tips in configuring multiple TFS / VSTS / Azure-DevOps version control servers in MuleSoft Anypoint Studio IDE

by Chaitan K. API Developer at ExxonMobil.

In this post, Chaitan explains how you can configure multiple TFS / VSTS servers, to integrate Anypoint Studio with Azure DevOps offerings.

The videos of the month

Consuming an HTTP Service with Mule 4

by Apoorv Bhargava, Senior Associate Consultant at Infosys.

This video tutorial describes how to consume an external HTTP service with Mule 4 and Anypoint Studio. Check out Apoorv’s channel for more MuleSoft content to help you get started!

Mule 4 – Reusing Flows

by Max Fedorov, Owner of Netflexity Solutions.

This video tutorial will walk you through steps and code necessary to create global shared flows in Mule 4. Share or global or common flows can be used to reuse common logic across multiple applications without duplicating code.

The pro of the month

Pontus Ullgren

This month, we’re highlighting a very well known member in the community: Pontus Ullgren. You’ve probably seen his name on our forum, as he’s been a longtime contributor there.

Pontus is a Senior Consultant and Integration Architect at Redpill Linpro in Sweden. He recently renewed his Integration Professional certification, and he has agreed to share his story with us:

“The first time I came in contact with Mule ESB must have been sometime around 2008. I was part of a PoC to decide on a future integration platform for a customer I worked with back then. I started using MuleSoft products myself in 2012, when the company I work for now, Redpill Linpro, became a MuleSoft partner.

I have climbed up the ladder all the way to the Integration Professional certification with hard work and sweat 🙂 I’ve worked with integration in one way or another for about 20 years now and the last 6 years almost exclusively using Anypoint Platform and MuleSoft products.

In my opinion, being active in the community is a better way to show competence on a platform than any certificate. However, for many clients, especially the bigger ones, being able to validate my competence with a certificate is important. So I would say that it helps me get interesting projects to work with.

I’ve always believed in the “scratch an itch” approach to community engagement, so I engage and contribute to the parts where I find my work takes me. As such, lately, it has been some code commits to the RAML-Java-client-generator and to the Anypoint documentation. I think moving the documentation to Github and opening up for PRs is a great improvement that makes it much easier for the community to help improve the docs.

As for Meetups, I’ll be speaking at the next event in Stockholm. In the future, I’d also love to participate in an online Meetup.

To conclude, I’d say that the most impactful projects I’ve worked on with Anypoint Platform were for some of the largest public sector organisations in Sweden, to help them start their digital innovation journey. I would say that those projects have had the most impact not only for me but also for the organisations and the overall population of the country.”

> Meet Pontus in Stockholm on June 19th!

> Attend Online Meetups

Past Community Meetups

May saw 14 events across eight countries, including four first-timers! Congratulations, and thank you to all the local Meetup leaders who brought users together to learn from each other:

  • Dallas, Texas: Ruman Khan, Integration Specialist at Bank of America, and Brandon Dean, EVP MuleSoft Practice at Avio Consulting.
  • New York City, New York: Gean Martinez, Director of Technology and Strategy at Silverline, and Suyog Gandhi, Customer Success Director at MuleSoft.
  • First timer! Washington, District of Columbia: Prabhakar Ramakrishnan, President at Cloudwave, Joshua Robinson, Technical Architect at MuleSoft, and Danielle Vermazen, Alliances Manager at Acumen Solutions.
  • San Diego, California: Kranti Ponnam, Technology Evangelist at Apisero.
  • First timer! Lima, Peru: Carlos Reinoza, Principal CEO, and Adalberto Toledo, MuleSoft Developer, both with TOREI Consulting.
  • Atlanta, Georgia: Aaron Unterberger and Edgar Ortiz, both Solutions Engineers at MuleSoft, and Rajnish Kumar, CTO at Vanrish Technology.
  • Joinville, Brazil: Fernando Nereu de Souza, Solutions Architect at TIGRE.
  • Los Angeles, California: Bipesh Pokharel, Client Services Architect at Apisero.
  • First timer! Salt Lake City, Utah: Peri Cope, Manager of Software Development at TAB BANK.
  • West Yorkshire, England: Jason Goodwill, Solution Architect, Francis Edwards, and John Pawson, both Integration Analysts – all with Saint-Gobain Building Distribution.
  • First timer! Valletta, Malta: Erika Quinn, HR Manager, and Anastasiia Linnas, Marketing Manager at Ricston Ltd.
  • Mumbai, India: Ranveer Meel, Team Lead at Accenture, Sudeshna Mitra, MuleSoft Architect at Accenture, and Manish Yadav, MuleSoft Application Specialist at Veritas Technology and MuleSoft Ambassador.
  • Singapore: Julian Douch, Managing Director at Whitesky Labs.
  • Sydney, Australia: Dan Owen, Director of Customer Success Architecture, and Royston Lobo, Customer Success Engineer, both with MuleSoft.

Upcoming Community Meetups

June will be our busiest month ever! 23 meetups have been scheduled in June so far. Please check the event pages for a detailed agenda and to register. Here are the Meetups that are coming up for the rest of the month. Some cities sell out quickly, so don’t wait!

June 13th, 2019

June 15th: Delhi, India

June 18th: São Paulo, Brazil

June 19th:

June 20th:

June 21st: Tokyo, Japan

June 22nd: Panamá City, Panamá

June 25th: San Francisco, California

June 26th:

June 27th: Washington, DC

June 29th:

July 1st: Columbus, Ohio

July 4th: Manchester, United Kingdom

July 6th: Mumbai, India

If you’re not a member of your local group, make sure to join to receive notifications for upcoming events!

That is it for this month! We’d love to get your feedback on this blog series in the comments. If you know a great contributor, whether they are writing blog posts, speaking at a Meetup, or simply answering questions on the forums, tweet us @MuleDev.