Meet the top MuleSoft community contributors (November ’18)

Community Roundup November

Here is our Community roundup for November –– highlighting the best contributors to the MuleSoft developer community over the past few weeks. Check out the amazing content and contributions that happened this month! As always, if you know a great contributor that should be featured in the next issue of this blog series, make sure to tweet us @MuleDev.

The helpers of the month

November has been a fairly active month on our forum! Several contributors distinguished themselves by providing useful answers to their peers, including three MuleSoft team members:

Many members of the community stepped up and provided great answers too:

Congratulations for making this month’s roundup!

We’d also like to thank our moderators, who work behind the scenes to keep the forum in good working order:

The blogs of the month

Five good blogs got our attention this month:

  • Joshua Erney, Senior Software Engineer at MS3, examines the map function in the DataWeave language. He explains when you would want to use map, how map works, what map expects as arguments, and how those arguments need to be constructed. Read the article.
  • Miguel Martinez, Senior MuleSoft Consultant at AVIO Consulting and Meetup Leader in Dallas, TX guides you through the set up of Okta as the OpenID Connect (OIDC) Identity provider for your Anypoint organization so you can use its OAuth 2.0 authorization server and access management capabilities to secure your APIs. Read the article.
  • Stanislaw Antoniak, Senior Integration Developer at RB, started a new blog all about Mule, and his articles prove to be very insightful. This month, we’re featuring three of them:
    • Refactoring in Mule: Stanislaw covers how he approaches refactoring of existing integrations and how to use cache to optimize performance of an API.
    • A few notes on API Kit Router: explains how to make the best use of the API Kit Router.
    • Fail safe reaching to webservices in Mule: let’s assume that we need to reach to some web services but really it is optional in our business logic. When standard HTTP requester fails you have an exception thrown that you can catch in you error handling strategy. But that breaks the execution of your flow and you do not want that. How to make it fail safe?

The video of the month

Check out the recording of the latest online Meetup led on November 7th by Manik Magar, MuleSoft Architect at AVIO Consulting and online Meetup Leader, during which Joshua Erney explained some of the functional programming concepts that the DataWeave program language utilizes to allow developers to create concise and powerful data transformations. A solid understanding of these concepts will take your abilities as a MuleSoft integration expert to the next level! Watch the recording.

The pro of the month

This month, we’re featuring Mike Liu, Senior Technical Architect at Accenture in Bellevue, WA, as he recently passed the prestigious Integration Professional certification.

Mike Liu

“I’ve been in the software integration for over 10 years and used many different integration technologies. One and a half year ago, I started to learn and use MuleSoft for a client project. I liked it immediately, as it’s very straight forward for system integration, API development and management, and more productive and efficient compared to the other technologies I had used before.

Given that I have a solid background in the integration space, with web services and RESTful APIs, it only took me a weekend to go through MuleSoft’s free online fundamental training. MuleSoft has excellent online documentation, and most of my learnings are from there. I also joined MuleSoft’s community forum to learn from others and attended CONNECT both in 2017 and 2018. All these are definitely great resources to learn about the latest developments. All in all, self-learning, training, and project experience helped me grow my MuleSoft skills, all the way up to passing the Integration Professional certification.”

First Meetups!

Since our last roundup, three MuleSoft Meetup groups had their first event, in three different countries! Congratulations to:

Baltimore, MD

Hong Kong
Hong Kong, HK

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, AR

Lastly, last month we congratulated Patryk Bandurski, Senior Integration Developer at PwC Polska, for leading his first Meetup in Warsaw, Poland. He wrote a great blog summarizing this event. Check it out!

Visit our website to see if there’s a MuleSoft Meetup group in your city, or apply to lead one! You can also see a list of upcoming MuleSoft Meetups across the world.

That is it for this month! We’d love to get your feedback on this blog series in the comments.

If you know a great contributor, whether they are writing blog posts, speaking at a Meetup, or simply answering questions on the forums, tweet us @MuleDev.