New Ways to Connect with 3 New Connectors – XBRL, Atlassian Stash, and Atlassian JIRA REST


We are thrilled to introduce 3 new MuleSoft Certified Connectors developed by our partners through our connector certification program. These connectors have been thoroughly reviewed and certified by MuleSoft for their use case and compatibility with MuleSoft’s products. More connectors will come in a month or two. If you are interested in purchasing the connector or have questions, please contact the partners directly.


XBRL Connector by GLOMIDCO


GLOMIDCO’s Connector tackles recognizable problems that many companies face when it comes to financial reporting, namely: the lack of transparency, efficiency, and accuracy. The Connector adds functionality to existing Mule environments that allows the organization to extract, aggregate, sort and render financial information from disparate enterprise systems throughout the company. The connector allows organizations to gain an increased transparency in the company’s business information supply chain, optimized compliance-related processes, increased business agility through continuous auditing and an improved governance landscape.


Atlassian Stash Connector by Hotovo

The connector functions within a Mule application as a secure opening through which you can access and act upon your information in . Using the connector, your application can perform several operations which exposes via their REST API. When building an application that connects with Stash, for example, an application to display all your Stash repositories, you don’t have to go through the effort of custom-coding and securing a connection. Rather, you can just drop a connector into your flow, configure a few connection details, then begin transferring data. Atlassian Stash is now called .

Atlassian JIRA REST Connector by Hotovo

The Atlassian REST Connector from integrates with existing SaaS and on-premises applications quickly and easily. The connector allows businesses to synchronize data and automate processes between JIRA and third-party collaboration, mobile, social applications such as GitHub, Clarizen, Salesforce or Connectivity with the latest, up-to-date JIRA REST API, gives users the ability to perform various operations, like tracking of issues and issue statistics, working with issues, comments, work logs, attachments, projects, user groups and other information, across third-party applications.

To see a complete listing of all connectors, take a look at Anypoint Exchange.


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