Enable Your Mule ESB for Performance Monitoring

November 24 2008

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Ken Yagen and I have done a webinar on Using Mule HQ to Manage Performance on Nov.18, 2008. Here is what you need to do in order to enable your Mule ESB for performance monitoring using :

    1. In your Mule’s configuration file, add the following to enable JMX agent. For details you can go to JMX Management in MuleSource Documentation Center.

<management:jmx-default-config port=”1099″/>

    1. Optionally, you can add the following to enable the YourKit profiler. By default it’s inactive even though you enabled it, thus there is no overhead until you use the profiler to record runtime Mule stats through Mule HQ. For details you can go to Profiling Mule.


That’s all you have to do to the Mule configuration. In my next blog, I will discuss some best practices in montiroing and tuning Mule ESB. Stay tuned.

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  1. Notes:

    * Port 1099 is the default, so the config is even simpler:
    * Profiler agent is bundled in Mule EE, for community edition one would have to download it from the distributions area and put in existing Mule installation.