Webinar: Integrating with SalesForce


Are you looking to integrate on-premise applications with on-demand applications, such as Salesforce.com?

Join me for a technical webinar on integrating Salesforce.com with Mule. During this 30-minute event, I will demonstrate how to take an enterprise application integration (EAI) data synchronization pattern and extend it to integrate with data in the cloud..

Tuesday, February 3rd 2009
9am PT / noon ET
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This webinar is primarily for architects and developers who are dealing with integrating on-premise applications with on-demand applications leveraging the Mule ESB.

If you have difficulty registering for this event, email: webinar@mulesource.com.

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2 Responses to “Webinar: Integrating with SalesForce”

  1. Was the webcast recorded? Can i get the presentation?

  2. Yes. You can register to view the archived webinar here: https://docs.mulesoft.com.