Jersey, Restlet, and Abdera RESTpack Releases Available for Mule 2.2.1


We’re happy to announce the availability of the RESTpack connectors for Mule 2.2, which include support for Jersey, Abdera, and Restlet. In addition to supporting the latest Mule 2.2 codebase, the following improvements have been made:

  • JERSEY-8: Filters and security are now correctly applied to endpoints.
  • JERSEY-2: Endpoints are now synchronous by default
  • Upgraded to the Jersey 1.0.2 release
  • RESTLET-9: Restlet Request ChallengeResponse is not properly initialized (Guards now work correctly in Mule)
  • The Abdera connector now contains an EntryBuilderTransformer, which makes it easy to create new AtomPub entries inside Mule.

For more information and downloads see the RESTpack information page.


The MuleSource Development Team

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