Mule Meets Zuul: A Centralized Properties Management – Part II, Client side


Before reading on, please take a look at Part 1 of this post.

Connecting Mule application to Zuul requires two additional jars in the application class path. One of them is jasypt library which can be downloaded here. The second one is zuul-spring-client. You can download the source and build the jar using Maven.

To configure Zuul client, first add zuul namespace to the mule tag. You will also need spring and context namespaces.

Next, configure zuul spring bean and spring context referencing this bean:

Note that the value of the config attribute – config="AcmeProperties" – is the name of the properties set that we created on the Zuul server.

Finally, edit the MULE_HOME/conf/wrapper.conf file on each environment and set the variables for environment name and the password used for encryption:

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One Response to “Mule Meets Zuul: A Centralized Properties Management – Part II, Client side”

  1. FYI – You don’t need to build the jars. The client libraries are available on the central repo. You can just include them in your pom.xml

    If you aren’t using maven, you can download it directly:

    If there’s enough interest, I’ve been thinking about making a connector for use with Studio.