Mule Studio Beta Milestone 2 is here


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5 Responses to “Mule Studio Beta Milestone 2 is here”

  1. Is there a planned release date for the Data Mapper functionality?

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    • We are working on Data Mapper functionality. So stay tuned for more information on this.



  2. Concerning your SOAP web services support:

    Will you be supporting Axis 1 as well as Axis 2? Or will you only support the latest Axis?

    I work for a large organization that has a lot of “legacy” Axis 1- based services that will not be updating for the foreseeable future, and I am going to have to use them in my applications…

    • Hi Robert, you can access Axis 1 and 2 Web Services from Mule. If you want to publish Web Services we standardize on CXF. Axis 1 support for consuming and publishing web services is part of Mule Enterprise package, but the only reason to use Axis is to consume RPC-Encoded services. I think most people would strongly recommend not publishing new Web Services using RPC-Encoded, go with Doc/List or Doc/Lit/Wrapped for better compatibility with different WS clients.

  3. Hi. about Axis 1 and jax-ws.
    I have a lot of legacy applications using axis 1, so the their webservices are RPC-Encoded. My new application uses jax-ws. How can I access webservices of my legacy? Can i put jars of Axis 1 in my new application with JAX-WS?