Upcoming presentations (June 2010)


The last days of June will be busy as I will be talking at two events happening in Vancouver, BC, on the 29th and the 30th.

In the first presentation, I will demonstrate MuleSoft’s Eclipse Tool Suite at the local Eclipse DemoCamp, an event that always has an incredible line-up, thanks to the local presence of the Tasktop and SpringSource teams. Also, the University of British Columbia oftentimes presents there Eclipse plugins that explore the cutting edge of software development. My presentation will be focused on using both Mule IDE and Mule Data Integrator in order to build a data-intensive application for Mule ESB. If you’re interested, all the details are on the registration page.

My second presentation will cover the subject of using ready-made tools versus ad hoc coding in the field of enterprise application integration (EAI). I will give it at the Vancouver’s Software Developers Network as a follow-up talk to another presentation on EAI given in March by Shayan Manoochehri. I will present a few criteria that will help developers and architects decide between using ready-made EAI tools versus custom build solutions. More details can be found on the meet-up page.

If you can’t attend any of these presentation, do not despair: I will post the slides and related notes in this blog after these events.

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  1. Hi, a bit off-topic, but enjoyed reading the blog entries about Tomcat on Debian and authbind.

    I just wanted to mention a minor annoyance with the header in your blog, that it doesn’t work for non-javascript enabled users
    <div id=”header” onclick=”location.href=’http://blog.mulesource.org/’;” style=”cursor: pointer;”
    Is there any good reason not to have a proper anchor tag there? It was quite confusing to click the header and nothing happened.