Webinar: Implementing Messaging Patterns Using Web Services With Mule


Most people reading this blog are Mule users and are familiar with message-based architectures and enterprise integration patterns, and most people have heard of or used web services at some point, but how many of you have successfully used Mule and web services together without compromising your architecture?

Join Dan Diephouse and me for a 30-minute demo-driven webinar where we will talk about how you can implement a message-based architecture using web services with Mule. Learn best practices such as building contract-first services and implementing web service gateways.

Date: Tuesday, January 13th 2009
Time: 9am PT/noon ET
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If you have difficulty registering for this event, email webinar@mulesource.com.

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5 Responses to “Webinar: Implementing Messaging Patterns Using Web Services With Mule”

  1. Sample application that was discussed during this webinar, is it available now ?

  2. We are working on the sample app as I type. We will post the sample app with the webinar archive in the next few days.

  3. Please do upload the sample applcation files

    • Hi,

      This webinar was based on Mule 2.2 and is not compatible with Mule 3. We are currently working on a version of this example for Mule 3.2/3.3.


  4. Could u pls tell me how to invoke an external JAX-WS web service (created by myself and published by an external server) within Mule Studio