Mule Studio Visual Flow Debugger Walk-through


Have you already tried the Visual Flow Debugger? It’s one of the new shiny features that comes with Mule Studio Enterprise 3.4. Well, if you haven’t used it yet, this post is for you:

1. Message Browsing – All the information you ever wanted, now at a click’s distance.

Before Visual Debugger, if you wanted to see the contents of the payload at each point you had to clutter your mule configuration with loggers all over the place,

Live Demo: From zero to integration in 15 minutes with CloudHub


At MuleSoft, we’ve been saying for years that point-to-point integration is evil. With time to market measured in minutes or hours, point-to-point integration projects measured in man-years are headed the way of the Dodo. And the no-software no-hardware model of iPaaS promises to shrink time to market even more.

But how fast can you deploy an enterprise-grade integration from scratch? We’re setting out to break preconceived notions of time to market with the 15-minute integration.

Mule ESB with the Oracle Database and IBM WebSphere MQ – Use case 2 of 3


In Part 1 of this three part blog, we created a simple message flow in Mule Studio exposed as a basic HTTP service that retrieves employee data from an Oracle HR database and returns it in JSON format. JSON is a standard format that is very popular among web and mobile applications. Let’s now take a look at how to easily turn this into a SOAP web service,

Prepare Your Documents: CMIS Connector Is Here!

CMIS is an open standard that allows different content management systems to inter-operate over the Internet. Specifically, CMIS defines an abstraction layer for controlling diverse document management systems and repositories using web protocols.

Getting the CMIS Connector

It’s really easy to start using this connector thanks to Mule Studio update site. To install it:

  • Go to the menu Help ->

Upcoming Webinar: Building and Deploying an Integration Application in 30 Minutes


Mule DemoMule DemoThanks to everyone who was able to join us for the latest Mule 101 webinar.

We’ve taken your questions, feedback, and suggestions and created another webinar built entirely for you.  In this webinar, we’ll show show how to easily build and deploy an application from Mule Studio. In this 30 minute demo, Jameson Triplett, MuleSoft’s Lead Trainer, will build a simple integration application to send files to Salesforce.

Journey of a Thousand Miles Towards Documentation Nirvana


In the journey of a thousand miles towards world-class documentation, we have taken the first few steps!

Long a candidate for improvement, Mule Documentation has recently undergone several foundation-layer improvements that will help us move more quickly as we produce new content and clean up the old. Listed below are a few changes aimed at dramatically improving the user experience for our readers.

  • Merged Content – Where once Mule documentation existed as “silos”

Mule Summit is Coming to a City Near You

February 25 2013


This April and May, the Mule team and I will be hitting the road for Spring 2013 Mule Summit tour. Our Fall 2012 Summit series was our biggest ever and featured guest speakers from companies like Express Scripts, Sky and Intuit all talking candidly about their use of Mule. Refusing to rest on our laurels, we’re making the 2013 Summits even better.

The mega-trends of SaaS,

Using in-memory database to help with flat file integration

Even today, when integrating with critical backend systems (e.g. order fulfillment system and shipping management system), it is quite common to encounter data being transferred in flat file format. Often the records to be transferred will need to be sorted and de-duped before they can be inserted into another system. For example, there could be multiple update entries for the same item and the sequence of the update calls is important. Here we would like to show you an example of how to leverage Mule’s built-in support for in-memory databases to make it really easy to perform such tasks when working with flat files.

Quick tips for developers new to Mac


Hi and welcome to Mac, fellow developer

In this post, I will go over some tips I’ve been collecting which can make your life as a developer just a little bit easier if you come from other operating systems. Of course the list can grow, but here is my list. This article is based on MacOS X 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion), but should be helpful for other versions as well.

Using your Mac –

On-Demand Webinar: Mule 101 – Getting to know Mule

February 4 2013

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Mule DemoMule Demo

Are you new to Mule or looking to get up-to-speed on our newest features? Between the Mule 3.3 release, Mule Studio enhancements, DataMapper, and Mule Enterprise Security, Mule was significantly enhanced in 2012. Shuba Swaminathan, MuleSoft Solutions Architect, will give a walkthrough of Mule in action. All demos, no slides.

Some of the concepts covered include:

  • Easily creating integration flows and mapping data in a graphical environment
  • Leveraging over 100 out-of-the-box transports and cloud connectors
  • Eliminating exposure of sensitive data and information
  • Diagnosing and fixing performance issues from a single web-based console

Shuba SwaminathanShuba Swaminathan

Presenter: Shuba Swaminathan

Date: Thursday,