Demo: Introducing DataWeave, MuleSoft’s Next Generation Data Integration Solution

September 15 2015


In order to connect assets to audiences with speed and scale, you need a powerful tool. That tool should be able to integrate in real time using APIs, do batch tasks such as data ingestion or synchronization and handle a variety of data sources – from JSON to EDI to XML.

Our solution is called DataWeave. It’s a simple, powerful way to query and transform all types of data. If you’re interested in getting started with DataWeave, MuleSoft Principal Solutions Consultant Nial Darbey has written a series of blog posts designed to help you get going.

If you’d like to see a of DataWeave, Nial and MuleSoft’s Director of Product Management, Dan Diephouse, will be showcasing DataWeave’s capabilities on September 30, 2015, at 10 AM PST.

Register today and learn more about DataWeave.

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