Training Talks – “How do I import a Maven based Mule project into Studio?”

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Interested in learning more about how to use Anypoint Platform? It’s time to get that dust off your running shoes because we’re going to get you in top MuleSoft shape. There’s nothing like having something extra to add to your learning routine, whether it’s helpful tips from our forum or challenges from the Champions Program, we’re growing the number of resources for you to become an Anypoint Platform expert.

What is ?

But now, we’re bringing Training closer to you! We are excited to announce our new blog series “Training Talks“. After spending some time (and answering many questions) with our Training team, I got to see for myself how awesome our instructors are and wanted to come up with a way of sharing their expertise with our developer community.

Several brainstorming sessions — and coffees— later, I gathered a list of FAQs from the forum and student classes and asked Poornima Sundararam and Ethan Port (AKA our awesome technical instructors) to address them directly through a short video or demo. This is how Training Talks was born. The idea is that these videos will be a short, simple and helpful way of answering your quick and burning questions fast.

Today’s Talk – Episode 1

To start off the series Ethan answers the question How do I import a Maven based project into ?

In this video, you will learn:

  • What is Maven
  • How to import Maven into the latest version of Anypoint Studio using a POM file or a deployable archive
  • Debug the application 

Have questions for the Training team? Drop it in our forum or Training Twitter using the hashtag #TrainingTalks and stay tuned for next Wednesday. Don’t miss it, your question might be next!

Our training modules are designed to help you learn how to be an expert at using Anypoint Platform at any stage of development. To learn more about our role based recommended learning paths visit


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One Response to “Training Talks – “How do I import a Maven based Mule project into Studio?””

  1. Can you do a video on mule 4.
    The import maven project is now gone. I was told this is not required.
    However, import “Anypoint studio project from file system” does not work for me as expected.

    My personal development process is to use git to clone a project and then import it into my IDE. I do most git operations from the command line.
    I would like to be able to import my project into Anypoint. However, it has various “quirks” and does not actually import but copies the project. This is not what I expect or want as it is a real pain having 2 copies of same project and when manipulating projects you get various “errors”.

    It could simply import the project, keep the same directory name like other importers.