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Using Anypoint Platform, the team applied machine learning to the claims process, enabling the system to automatically approve the higher-volume, lower-risk claims.

icare, an Australian workers’ compensation insurance company, protects 326,000 public and private sector employers and their 3.6 million employees. Supporting long-term care needs to improve quality of life, or even helping people return to work, icare aims to deliver best-in-class insurance to ensure a healthy, financially stable life for customers and their families.

Integrating legacy and SaaS systems to improve the customer experience

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One of icare’s main missions is to change the way people think about insurance by delivering timely services to its customers. To do so, it needed to build an entirely new business model and deliver a digital, machine learning-driven system to make submitting and processing claims quick and easy.

However, icare’s customer data were siloed in SaaS and legacy systems, resulting in the disjointed, slow process of customers filling out paperwork on multiple websites to submit claims, choose a policy, and more. Bringing the new claims insurance system to life required icare to decouple its systems and data to build a future-proof cloud architecture that supports a changing technology landscape — this included:

  • Unlocking data in legacy systems and accessing the data as managed services through Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Integrating data from both legacy and SaaS systems, such as SAS, Salesforce, Guidewire, and more.
  • Launching a single digital claims insurance system that allows insured workers to file claims more easily.

To meet its objectives, icare selected MuleSoft due to Anypoint Platform’s high availability, reliability, and scalability in addition to its advanced security capabilities — a high priority given icare regularly deals with health records.

Adopting an API-led approach to integration

To build the claims insurance system, the icare team used Anypoint Platform to decouple and modernize its legacy systems using APIs. icare was able to migrate entirely to the cloud, resulting in an agile and highly available architecture, ultimately minimizing spend by eliminating legacy system maintenance costs.

Using Anypoint Platform, the team applied machine learning to the claims process, enabling the system to automatically approve the higher-volume, lower-risk claims. They also built 200 integrations that connected 36+ legacy and SaaS systems, including Salesforce, Guidewire, SAP S/4HANA, Okta, Onbase, Exstream, and SQL servers.

In just six months, icare launched an industry-leading insurance system that processes claims 2-3x faster. Customers are able to submit claims with just a few clicks and quickly get a response on their status. Within two weeks of launching, icare processed 10,000 claims.

Beyond this project, the icare team sees the continued value of Anypoint Platform — they currently reuse 20% of the APIs and integrations they built for new projects, with a goal to reuse 60% of APIs and integrations by the end of the year. Using an API-led approach to integration, the icare team can now complete other IT projects 2x faster by reusing APIs it already built.

To learn more about how icare delivers person-centric insurance with MuleSoft, check out the full case study or tune into our joint webinar, How icare built a digital insurance platform.