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If you are selling a product or a service online, chances are you’ve had to integrate with any number of payment services available today. As any application developer will tell you, the integration with the payment system is only one step of an order process.

Mule Payment Services makes it easier to use payment services from different providers. We started with connectors to Authorize.Net and CyberSource (both companies owned by Visa). is a payment service which is popular with smaller merchants while CyberSource is more popular with medium to enterprise size customers. Between the two payment processors they serve well over 300,000 merchants. We are working on integration with a number of other payment services including PayPal.

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Mule Payment Services uses Mule Cloud Connect so each payment provider can easily plugged into payment flows. For example to make a payment using

Note that in a real scenario the credit card number, expiry and amount can all be read from a request to the flow.

Of course payments are one piece of the puzzle. Once the payment is successful the customers information then needs to also be entered into a CRM system like SalesForce along with the creation of an invoice. Mule is the perfect platform to help with all of these use cases. Mule Payment Services provides a simple interface for processing payments which can then be part of a Mule flow.

Mule Payment Services
Mule Payment Services

To learn More about Mule Payment Services we are hosting a Webinar on Wednesday (Tomorrow) at 10am PST which you can register for here. Please join me to see how to build a purchase flow using Mule Payment Services, Salesforce and Gmail integration.

There is a Mule Store example that makes use of Authorize.Net, SalesForce and our AJAX-Push transport. Also there are examples of how to use each payment connector in the documentation: Mule Cloud Connect.