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After two years of using a theme that we can honestly describe as passé, we have recently overhauled our Blog in big ways. Let’s take a look at how these will benefit our readers:

New look & feel

Changing the look and feel of a site can have a very refreshing effect. We’ve updated our look to a slick, more modern version of its predecessor. This includes a roomier layout for our dev audience that visits us on their super large monitors, while still accommodating those that are still on 1024×760. Take a look at the before and after.

Main Images

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Each post now shows a main image on the front page of the blog, allowing for easier page scanning and general visual interest.

Hot Topics Bar

There are always a small handful of topics that are buzzworthy at Mule. As these arise, we promote them to the top of the page so that you can see first-hand what we’re passionate about these days.

Easier way to connect with us

Today we have 650 subscribers and the number continues to grow. The new site has icons prominently displayed in the header that allows for easy RSS and Email subscriptions. We’ve also included prominent links to our community site and Forums for more advanced reader who need more help.

Job Opportunities

MuleSoft is growing explosively and we’re always on the lookout for the best and brightest of developers. What better way to find our next star than to advertise to our fans? If you’re interested in joining us, take a gander at the available list of positions in the right sidebar and apply today!

We take your feedback very seriously, whether it’s about our site or our products and services. Give us your thoughts and we’ll do the best we can to address them as best as we can.

Happy reading,
The Mule Community