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MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform has long been the leading choice of more than 1,100 enterprise-grade companies looking to design, deploy, and manage APIs and integrations from a single, cloud-based integration platform. However, government options for integration platforms as a service (iPaaS) have been limited due to FedRAMP compliance standards required for this technology to be used by the federal government. 

MuleSoft is addressing this by creating a FedRAMP-authorized deployment environment for Anypoint Platform, called MuleSoft Government Cloud, which meets the security and compliance standards set through FedRAMP.

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MuleSoft Government Cloud is FedRAMP (FISMA Moderate) approved CSP (Cloud Services Provider). It provides the only FedRAMP approved unified, connectivity platform for addressing the needs of the digital enterprise – Anypoint Platform. Anypoint Platform provides a packaged, unified integration experience focused on ease of use and adoption. It is the most widely used connectivity platform for service-oriented architecture, SaaS integration, and the full lifecycle of APIs from design, implementation, iteration, and management.

Successful digital transformation of government agencies requires more than implementing new technology. Having the right operating model, organizational structure, and execution approach is also critical when transforming government agencies.

To address this, MuleSoft federal services developed MuleSoft Catalyst for Government Cloud, our unique delivery methodology designed to help government agencies reach their business objectives. This set of packaged offerings includes customer success programs, training, best practices, assets, and accelerators. In this blog post, we will review how MuleSoft Federal Services can help you move to MuleSoft Government Cloud.

What is FedRAMP?

FedRAMP is a government program that provides a set of security controls so that individual government agencies don’t need to validate and verify all security controls on their own. These security measures need to be implemented by cloud service providers and verified by the 3Party assessment organization (3PAO) to gain FedRAMP approval.

But not all data and systems are the same. FedRAMP has created levels of impact, and has categorized all data and systems as below:

  • FISMA low
  • FISMA Moderate
  • FISMA high

Impact Level: Impact level can be defined as “what happens if an agency data or system is compromised”. What level of impact it will create.

Why does an agency need to do an ATO on a FedRAMP approved CSP?

FedRAMP ensures that a certain level of confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) is offered by the potential SaaS platform. 

But an agency may need additional checks and controls beyond what is provided by the platform. This combination of FedRAMP standards and additional agency requirements is what is granted in the form of an Authorization to Operate (ATO). Granting a solution an ATO ensures that the solution built on top of the FedRAMP SaaS product doesn’t compromise other systems it interacts with. This is especially important for integration platforms.

MuleSoft’s professional services team can help with enhancement to MuleSoft’s Government Cloud to meet agency-specific ATO requirements. 

How do I onboard onto MuleSoft’s Government Cloud?

MuleSoft’s Federal Services is your partner as your agency moves to the cloud. We have developed a well-defined step-by-step process for migrating to MuleSoft’s Government Cloud and will work with your team to define the best possible cloud migration strategy

Working with your organization, the federal services team can help you get started with MuleSoft Government Cloud through our Catalyst Launch program, or help you migrate existing on-premise Mule runtimes to MuleSoft’s Government Cloud through our Catalyst Scale Program.

Catalyst Launch:

The Catalyst Launch service offering is designed for organizations just beginning their journey with Anypoint Platform and MuleSoft’s Government Cloud. As part of this offering, we help you establish the right foundation to drive immediate value from the Anypoint Platform through organizational enablement and project deployment. As part of this offering, our federal services team will work with you to:

  • Identify and align a set of business outcomes. 
  • Define a success plan and KPIs.
  • Deploy MuleSoft’s Government Cloud. 
  • Implement initial projects with reusable assets, frameworks, and best practices. 
  • End-to-end support through the ATO process.
  • Establish an initial center for enablement (C4E) team. 
  • Train your team and establish a support model. 

Catalyst Scale:

The Catalyst Scale service offering is designed for existing MuleSoft Anypoint Platform customers. As part of this offering, we provide assistance with scaling innovation, building an enterprise-wide platform of consumable and reusable assets, and defining and executing on a cloud migration strategy. Our federal services team will work with you to:

  • Revise existing success plans and KPIs. 
  • Review and refine Anypoint Platform architecture to match current and future needs. 
  • Migrate existing Anypoint environment to MuleSoft’s Government Cloud.
  • Support of new ATO or update to existing ATO with migration to the cloud. 
  • Design and run time performance tuning. 
  • Refresh C4E assets and operating model. 

With the Catalyst Launch and Catalyst Scale programs, the MuleSoft federal services team is here to assist you and your agency in making a successful transition to the cloud and kickstart your journey to MuleSoft’s Government Cloud.

Learn more:

To learn more about our MuleSoft’s Government Cloud services offerings, please contact the federal services team at Download the MuleSoft Government Cloud white paper here.