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This year, we are starting a new roundup series, highlighting the top 2018 blogs of each quarter in order to provide our readers with insight into the most popular stories!

1. APIs versus web services

What is the difference between web APIs and web services? Let’s start with an analogy: all tigers are cats but not all cats are tigers. Similarly, all web services are APIs, but not all APIs are web services. Discover why.

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2. Three common API mistakes

There are three common mistakes API developers must avoid––from using HTTP POST instead of GET to compressing APIs that poll a lot! Learn more about these mistakes and see how you can avoid them in the future.

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3. Announcing Mule 4 and Studio 7

We are excited to announce the GA release of Mule 4 and Studio 7, a major evolution of the core runtime behind Anypoint Platform. See how Mule 4 enhances application development velocity with up to 50% fewer steps and concepts to learn, including: a simplified language for connectivity, clear access to data, automatic tuning, and smoother upgrade processes.

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4. ProgrammableWeb’s most popular APIs of 2017

The ProgrammableWeb has a vast API directory that enables API enthusiasts to better understand the API economy. Check out this blog post to learn the most popular APIs of 2017––from Facebook and Twitter APIs to the Google Map and Bloomberg APIs!

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5. Your next integration project should be an API project

The more demand there is for integrations within a business, the stronger the likelihood that there are common reusable APIs that can be built on top of key business systems. Learn how building custom APIs allows you to create simpler integrations that can be presented to the business in a consumable format.

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6. Meet the top MuleSoft community contributors (Jan ’18)

This year, we started a new monthly blog series to recognize members that contribute to the MuleSoft developer community––whether it is developers that are writing blog posts, speaking at a Meetup, or simply answering questions on the forums.

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7. 2018 predictions: AI, SaaS, and the evolution of IT

Organizations today are under increasing pressure to move faster. This means that CIOs need to embrace a new IT model, one that distributes the IT function across the business rather than concentrates it in a single team. In the process, there are various technology trends that will have a major impact on businesses in 2018, read on to learn about them!

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