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To provide you with the best posts from the past month to go back and read, here are the five most popular blog posts from August 2019.

1: Mule 4 error handling demystified

This MuleSoft Customer Success Engineer failed his MuleSoft Certified Developer – Level 1 exam the first time and discovered the area he scored the lowest in was error handling. What he did next? Re-read the course materials, had an “ah-ha moment,” conquered the exam, and wrote this blog to help you pass.

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Double down on error handling.

2: DataWeave lambdas for Java programmers

In Mule 4, DataWeave is everywhere. Because most Mule users already know Java well, this blog aims to help Java developers easily use DataWeave by rewriting their lambdas expressions.

See where to use lambdas in DataWeave.

3: Calculating the value of API-led integration

MuleSoft’s Catalyst Mobilize team of experienced IT and strategy consultants just published an online value calculator. With only a few inputs and just 5 minutes of your day, you will be able to see the impact that a better integration strategy could have on your organization.

Gauge my ROIA (return of integration assets).

4: Exploring the ethics of APIs

Some of the virtues we preach about in the API economy can also become vices; from opening up data and services to third-parties to a disparity in job opportunities. Is there a way to maintain the benefits while addressing the negative impacts?

Learn how APIs can be used for good.

5: Sustainable API migration with the S*T*A*R pattern

It takes a concerted effort to safely and successfully complete API migrations. As a starter for creating your own teaching, trackable, and measurable API migration process, check out the S*T*A*R pattern.

Discover the S*T*A*R pattern.

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