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To provide you with the best posts from the past month to go back and read, here are the five most popular blog posts in January 2020:

1: Why MuleSoft Anypoint Platform and serverless computing (AWS Lambda) are better together

Software as a service is fundamentally API-driven and needs to be consumed as a service, which is why AWS Lambda and the MuleSoft API-led approach are so compatible. Learn why AWS Lambda and MuleSoft are better together for serverless computing.

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2: Setting up Postman for easier development with Anypoint Platform APIs

Postman has become the standard for any developer working with APIs. It provides an intuitive interface that allows developers to easily configure, interact, and test APIs. Learn how to set up Postman with Anypoint Platform APIs.

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3: 365 days in the MuleSoft Community

It was an amazing year for the MuleSoft Community in 2019, breaking all the records from years prior! See what made 2019 the best year thus far and highlight some of the key Community moments before starting our exciting 2020 projects. 

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4: How Salesforce built a C4E to enable an API-led strategy

Salesforce found itself with numerous siloed systems that were often disconnected, making it difficult to drive innovation. To solve this, Salesforce established a Center for Enablement to develop a culture of reuse in the move toward an API-led connectivity approach.

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5: Migrating on-premises MuleSoft applications to CloudHub

More organizations are moving their MuleSoft applications from on-premises to CloudHub for a modern approach that improves operational efficiency and promotes faster development cycles. This guide will help you address some of the initial considerations for migrating from on-prem to CloudHub (VPC/VPN/DLB) configuration.

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