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To provide you with the best posts from the past month to go back and read, here are the five most popular blog posts in July 2019:

1: Digital banking powered by an API-led architecture

One of the 10 largest banks in the world found itself burdened with a complex, tightly coupled technology environment, so it turned to an API-led architecture. As its SVP of IT stated, “We want to avoid point-to-point connectivity. We didn’t want to do an implementation for each service we’re developing with its own rules.”

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2: How I scaled my iPaaS solution

An architect at one of the largest beverage companies in the world leveraged MuleSoft’s digital transformation blueprint to assess IT’s maturity. Ultimately, he was able to reduce IT costs and increase project quality.

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3: Top 5 CIO highlights from MuleSoft CONNECT San Francisco 2019

Those who couldn’t make it to MuleSoft CONNECT San Francisco can read up on the top digital transformation stories from the event, including insights from WeWork, McDonald’s, eBay, Salesforce, and The State of Colorado.

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4: What is reuse? Understanding return on integration assets (ROIA)

Now more than ever, CIOs are thinking in terms of dollars and tangible business impact. In our work with thousands of customers, we know the organizations that achieve the highest ROIA develop for reuse intentionally.

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5: How artificial intelligence and bots are shaping the API economy

59% of IT leaders say their legacy infrastructure makes it hard to introduce new technologies like AI and IoT. Learn how your organization can stay ahead of the curve.

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