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To provide you with the best posts from the past month to go back and read, here are the five most popular blog posts in November 2019:

1: How to democratize innovation and digital transformation: Become an Integration Trailblazer!

MuleSoft is committed to skilling up 100,000 Integration Trailblazer by 2025 to democratize innovation across the enterprise. The new trailmix on Trailhead is available today and includes content on API and integration basics, building APIs, and creating API ecosystems to help non-technical users become integrators in their enterprise.

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2: How Salesforce uses MuleSoft to onboard employees

Salesforce needed to transform how employees were being onboarded, which meant building out an integration strategy and connecting back-end systems to build end apps with MuleSoft and an API-led approach to connectivity. Salesforce can now surface data with APIs, unlocking multiple systems and instances like HCM data from Workday and badge data from Lenel. 

See how Salesforce uses MuleSoft.

3: Announcing Anypoint Studio 7.4 GA

We’re excited to announce the GA of Anypoint Studio 7.4, which comes with Mule 4.2.2 and introduces native OAS support, dependency management, and API search capabilities to accelerate API development. 

Read about the updates to Anypoint Studio.

4: Mule containerization

MuleSoft offers Anypoint RTF, a Kubernetes-based container orchestration platform to run APIs and applications at scale, providing elasticity. Many customers, however, use other container orchestration platforms standardized for their organization that they would prefer to run Mule on.

Learn how to use Mule containerization. 

5: The blockers and catalysts of digital transformation – part 1

Digital transformation is more than just technology. Digital transformation prepares organizations to leverage the benefits of new technology to create business value. API expert, Amancio Bouza, shares the common road blockers and catalysts that make or break an organization’s digital transformation journey. 

Read his take.

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