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Citrix Modernizes BizTalk with Anypoint Platform

To stay relevant, today’s businesses have to adopt SaaS applications, cloud services, and API technologies and integrate them with their legacy systems. In SearchSOA this week, MuleSoft customer and Citrix integration developer Vinod Sangaraju discussed how Citrix has deployed CloudHub and is planning to use MuleSoft’s new solutions for Microsoft to fill BizTalk integration gaps.

Vinod Sangaraju, Citrix Integration Developer

Citrix Systems integration development manager Vinod Sangaraju found the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform when searching for an iPaaS solution to connect Citrix solutions with Salesforce, Marketo, Workday, and other cloud and on-premises applications. His search was driven by Microsoft BizTalk’s limited SaaS connectivity. His team had been filling that gap by using Microsoft BizTalk for on-premises integration scenarios and MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, in particular CloudHub, for cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground integration. That wasn’t ideal, he said.

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“As technologies are moving towards cloud-based solutions, there has been increased demand for iPaaS platforms to easily integrate with SaaS-based applications via connectors,” Sangaraju said. In beta tests of the MuleSoft.NET and MSMQ Connectors, his team found the ease of use needed to fill BizTalk integration gaps.

Testing Anypoint Platform’s .NET to Java interoperability, using the .NET Connector and MSMQ Connector, the Citrix team was able to more easily bridge legacy .NET assets to Mule ESB, part of Anypoint Platform. No re-coding was required to connect the existing BizTalk Business Rules Engine to Mule ESB.

Overall, strong functionality and an easy learning curve for Citrix developers leads Sangaraju to predict a high ROI for MuleSoft solutions for Microsoft, specifically as future needs for additional SaaS connectivity and end-to-end API management increase.  Sangaraju is already looking to MuleSoft’s promised enhancements of the .NET Connector, such as making it work on CloudHub shortly and tools to help migrate additional workloads.

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