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Almost three quarters of organizations’ customer interactions are digital. However, according to the MuleSoft 2022 Connectivity Benchmark Report, 70% of organizations struggle to provide a completely connected user experience across all channels. This means organizations can lose, on average, $7 million by failing to complete digital transformation initiatives. 

Delivering better CX to businesses in the APAC region 

Digital transformation has played an integral role in driving organizational innovation for many years, allowing businesses to respond with agility to changing customer needs. MuleSoft has been working with customers to unlock the power of integration to enable better experiences for users. Here’s a look at how three customers located in the APAC region have successfully leveraged technology to transform customer journeys.

1. Dairy Farm

Leading pan-Asian retailer Dairy Farm operates over 10,000 outlets with 230,000 employees. In a bid to improve its customer experience, Dairy Farm embarked on a transformation project to deliver Hong Kong’s biggest digital-first rewards club, yuu Rewards Club. MuleSoft supported Dairy Farm in developing a single connected application to power its rewards program and improve customer experience, eliminating the need for consumers to access several applications and physical cards to reach loyalty programs for its different brands.

Dairy Farm used MuleSoft to build reusable APIs that allowed it to connect more than 50 internal and external systems, which included various point-of-sale and e-commerce systems. These supported the enablement of real-time customer experiences. These APIs can be reused to provide new customer experiences faster and increase IT productivity. 

2. Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN)

Leading corporate and home broadband service provider Hong Kong Broadband Network was left with multiple data systems after experiencing rapid growth in recent years. Staff would often log into several systems to extract customer information, which limited efficiency and cost time. Hong Kong Broadband wanted to provide better customer experiences by integrating systems and unlocking data. By doing this, HKBN enabled a 360-degree view of the customer and has been able to offer faster and more personalized services to users across different channels.

An example of these services is the development of HKBN’s e-shopping platform, HOMEPLUS, which the company developed to support the online shift in consumer shopping behavior during COVID-19. MuleSoft supports this initiative by bringing together the e-commerce portal’s backend systems to enable a digitally-friendly customer experience. HKBN has now built a library of reusable APIs which allows new technologies to be deployed three times faster, allowing them to respond with agility to future business needs. 

3. Sonak

Understanding the importance of delivering an effective omnichannel strategy, Philippines-based retail group Sonak embarked on a digital transformation a few years ago to improve operational efficiency, deliver better customer experiences, and drive innovation with e-commerce capabilities. 

With the pandemic forcing many businesses to shift their focus to online, Sonak understood the importance of ramping up its digital touchpoints to offer a seamless and uninterrupted customer journey. With the implementation of various APIs, Sonak created a solid infrastructure that allowed its numerous online and physical stores to be complemented with features, including omnichannel selling, digital marketing integrations, and a customer loyalty program. This allowed Sonak to provide personalized customer experiences. Supported by MuleSoft, Sonak’s digital transformation has also created new business opportunities that will allow them to grow around its focus of providing a better customer experience. 

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