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“Out with the old, in with the new” may be a quick phrase to roll off the tongue, but driving change requires planning, grit, and teamwork. Good news: 2022 was full of innovation in healthcare that is leading the way for positive change and better patient and member outcomes.

At MuleSoft, we are seeing firsthand how leading healthcare organizations are increasing efficiency and unlocking cost savings by harnessing the power of MuleSoft. Whether it’s for creating personalized healthcare, implementing value-based care, reducing staff burnout, or creating a unified patient record, we’ve seen how MuleSoft can deliver success now in an industry that particularly has no room for lag. Here’s a look at just how we’re making that happen at MuleSoft, and what’s to come in 2023 and beyond in healthcare

Meeting with industry change-makers 

In 2022, the wider MuleSoft healthcare team and I had the pleasure of attending several healthcare innovation summits including HIMSS, HLTH, and CHIME Fall Forum to name a few. We saw first hand the cutting edge for health technology and heard from those on the front lines of healthcare in regards to what’s working and what’s not. 

Whether it’s clinical or non-clinical systems, we witnessed over and over again how clinicians and staff have zero room for downtime, and when schedules are packed with patients, and staff are working busy call centers, they need a full, real-time view of their data.

At these events, we showcased many of our key healthcare success stories- from using API-led integration to roll out COVID-19 vaccinations, or care coordination and EHR integration. It became clear that those on the forefront of healthcare are reaping the benefits of MuleSoft throughout their organization. 

MuleSoft automation: Deliver Success Now and empower your people

If we could pinpoint what sets healthcare leaders and followers apart this year, themes around automation rises to the top. That’s why this year we introduced MuleSoft Automation and the Automation Anywhere Bundle to help organizations boost efficiency and productivity everywhere. 

When healthcare organizations automate repeatable processes, their overburdened clinical and non-clinical staff can shift more of their attention to serving their patients and members rather than backend manual and time consuming tasks. MuleSoft Automation, which includes robotic process automation (RPA) and MuleSoft Composer, can automate a plethora of healthcare tasks and processes. To name a few: 

  • Compliance and regulations: Using bots to automate manual data entry tasks for compliance and audit performance, healthcare organizations can increase efficiency while reducing both costs and risk. By using automation, healthcare organizations can mitigate risk and reduce the potential for human errors and reduce the pressures on employees to be 100% accurate. 
  • Standardize across value-based care model: With MuleSoft Automation, IT teams can share reusable RPA workflows securely with business teams to drive EHR data accuracy and easily connect with patients and members for improved care outcomes, reducing facility readmissions. 
  • Prior authorization: Improve patient and clinician satisfaction and ensure claims are handled correctly by automatically cross-checking patients’ coverage using RPA. No need for phone calls, emails, or letters that slow down the prior authorization process, allowing patients and members the care they need when they need it.

While these are just a few examples, MuleSoft Automation, when used in industries like healthcare, can change patient outcomes and lives for the better. 

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MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare 

The MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare may not have been new in 2022, but it stepped up several notches when it came to giving out-of-the-box capabilities to accelerate implementation of common use cases for healthcare payers and providers.

MuleSoft Accelerators are pre-built technical assets and blueprints designed to accelerate key use cases. In healthcare in particular, they enable organizations to accelerate their transformation through data connectivity and interoperability.

With care coordination and personalized care in mind, during 2022 we added several new accelerator use cases to the MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange, including prior authorization, and our latest, population health management.

Teaming up with Amazon HealthLake, our population health management release is designed for healthcare organizations to create a scalable population health management program that gives further insights into the factors affecting patients’ health. Combining the power of Amazon HealthLake, MuleSoft, and Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP) healthcare payers and providers can execute targeted preventive health programs and advance their value-based care initiatives to improve outcomes and reduce admissions. 

MuleSoft: The prescription for increased engagement

As we head into 2023, the nice-to-haves of healthcare technology are now must-haves. With a sharp increase in youth respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) cases, an already busy flu season, and our busy front line workers already on the job around the clock to offer preventative healthcare, items such as virtual care and easier access to providers is crucial. 

At MuleSoft, we take pride in working and innovating with the best and brightest in healthcare. We’re looking forward to a future of using technology to its fullest potential and improve care outcomes universally.