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Introducing Finger on the Pulse, a new series where we explore major trends that are shaping business technology. In each post, you’ll learn from our key partners and their perspective on an industry trend through the lens of their unique business. The first interview is focused on the priority of improving employee experiences. 

How to improve internal workflows with Veeva and MuleSoft 

Modern technology is supposed to make things faster, simpler, and more efficient. Do your employees find the software they use every day remains cumbersome, unhelpful – even counterproductive? Has your hybrid workplace multiplied these issues? Have you struggled to retain talent amid The Great Resignation? Do you want to get lifesaving products into the hands of patients who need them faster?

Find out how Veeva and MuleSoft solve these problems – and how you can solve them, too – in this interview with Henry Galio, Veeva’s Vice President of Vault CTMS and Vault Payments. We discuss how the collaboration between Veeva and Mulesoft gives clients tailor-fit tools to streamline research that helps save lives. 

Henry Galio

What is the role of pharmaceutical employees in managing clinical trials? 

Clinical trials have a lot of moving parts. A typical trial involves a variety of databases, a diverse team, and plenty of siloed software applications that all need to work together seamlessly. There are also complex regulations that vary by country to consider. The employees managing clinical trials have to orchestrate all of these various requirements.

It’s easy to see how the quality of your technology can make an enormous difference to the timeline and success of a clinical trial, yet many sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) are not well equipped with modern technology to enable study teams to do their jobs efficiently. 

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Why does the collaboration between Veeva and MuleSoft provide the best solution for your customers? 

Efficiently integrating CTMS with other business applications is critical to getting life-saving products into the hands of patients, and no one does integration like MuleSoft with their recently developed Accelerator for Healthcare. By enabling end-to-end automations with APIs at scale, MuleSoft makes it possible to accelerate timelines and create more seamless employee experiences at the same time. 

With Veeva’s decades of experience in life sciences and MuleSoft’s streamlined integration platform, we’ve been able to create an industry-leading solution that continues to improve as the market evolves. Veeva Vault CTMS gives study teams an end-to-end global view of the clinical trial and optimizes that journey with a unified system of record. 

What are some challenges clients face, and how do you help overcome them with Veeva and MuleSoft?

What Veeva and MuleSoft offer is extremely important because of the heterogeneous nature of data. Clinical professionals regularly need to connect hundreds of disparate systems together to get a complete view of the trial, and as we said earlier, this data is often siloed and inaccessible without a lot of manual work.

If we think of data as a fabric, the ability to stitch together multiple pieces of data gives us a clearer, more holistic view of the entire trial. That clarity accelerates trial execution, and also helps our clients identify strategic signals and insights that might not have been uncovered with disconnected systems. 

Many of our clients are focused on shortening trial timelines, not exceeding budgets, and reducing complexity. While there’s no realistic way to completely eliminate the complexity from clinical trial management, Veeva and MuleSoft together help navigate that complexity much more efficiently, saving both time and money throughout the course of a study. It also makes their day-to-day work significantly easier and less cumbersome by automating previously manual tasks and enabling them to work more efficiently, which is significant in terms of impact. 

How do Veeva and MuleSoft help solve for compliance? 

There are many regulatory considerations when it comes to R&D. Our clients need to protect personal health information, personal credit information, and e-data in a compliant way that safeguards against malicious hackers. Both Veeva and MuleSoft incorporate a variety of industry standard protections and safeguards that help life sciences companies meet and exceed clinical trial compliance regulations. 

One of the principles at the heart of MuleSoft and the entire Salesforce family is Customer 360, which embraces the full scope of the customer journey and prioritizes their needs in the way we design and model technology. 

What does that look like for Veeva in the world of life sciences and clinical trials?

At Veeva, one of our core values is customer success. As such, we firmly believe that complex systems shouldn’t be roadblocks to employee or study team success. We’ve been working in the clinical trial space for a long time, and we’re highly in tune with the pain points and frustrations of our clients’ teams because we’re committed to constantly learning and listening. 

Our partnership with MuleSoft has helped create an offering that empowers faster, more automated, and more intuitive clinical trial operations for our R&D clients. That’s really the North Star of what we do.

Any life sciences company looking to streamline their clinical trial operations should consider exploring Veeva’s Vault CTMS solution. For more, find Veeva’s solutions on MuleSoft’s Anypoint Exchange