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In the past year, organizations around the world — regardless of industry — have been faced with unprecedented disruption. Organizations have needed to change day-to-day activities and entire operating models. Now more than ever, having a strong digital strategy in place is key to success. We have looked to digital leaders for their best practices and strategy moving forward. We had the opportunity to hear from MuleSoft customers about their proudest accomplishment on their digital transformation journey. Hear from Asics, WatchBox, NSW Health Pathology, AXA Luxembourg, and Rail Delivery Group. 

1. Asics 

“The results that we saw out of this was that using MuleSoft’s API-led approach, we were able to reuse our code and our applications and our APIs at such a high scale that reduced our development time and accelerated our delivery time by 2.5X.” 

– Kreena Mehta, Lead Software Engineer, Asics 

2. WatchBox 

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The launch of our eCommerce platform which is backed by our MuleSoft integration to the rest of the internal and external ecosystem. I am very, very proud of this because that was the first major milestone in our digital transformation journey and this was achieved in a record six and half months of time.” 

– Shri Ballal, CTO, WatchBox

3. NSW Health Pathology

“I think what’s really exciting about the COVID solution is it’s brought together these two streams — so we’ve had our point of care pathology, but we’ve also had our traditional laboratory pathology. And those two integration tracks were just naturally separate from the outset. And with the COVID solution, we’ve actually been able to bring them together and provide mobile COVID testing capability, which I believe is also a world first. So that’s something we’re particularly excited about.” 

– Tim Eckersley, Enterprise Architect, NSW Health Pathology

4. AXA Luxembourg

“What’s my proudest moment in our digital transformation story? I think it’s the launch of our customer service we did last year. It was really a huge and impressive transformation for AXA Luxembourg, not only technological transformation, but really human transformation, because we changed really the way we operate our business, which is really now siloed to a much more transversal approach. It was a beautiful story, mixing technology, mixing transformation of processes, mixing transformation of the way people do the things, putting the customer in the center of our operations. I’m really proud of that and what the team did.” 

– Olivier Vansteelandt, CIO at AXA Luxembourg

5. Rail Delivery Group

“I think my proudest moment in our digital transformation is when some of the leaders from the business side started using the collateral we’ve produced for our value assessment and for our assessment of the benefits of integration and some of our wider enterprise strategies.” 

– Mark Hemsley, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Rail Delivery Group

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