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With unprecedented circumstances comes unpredictable demand, changes in customer behavior, new ways of working, and the need to make a difference in whatever way possible. Organizations across industries are seeing this both for the short- and long-term. Healthcare systems are working to keep up with treating an influx of patients. Supply chains are experiencing an increased demand for essential goods. Retailers are shifting to digital over physical channels as purchasing patterns change. 

Particularly successful businesses are solving these day-to-day challenges — whether it’s by expediting test kits, delivering warm food safely, or keeping people connected. They are meeting these new or increased demands with ease because their IT infrastructure is responsive, resilient, and efficient. With MuleSoft they can unlock, unify, and secure data for time-sensitive projects, scale to meet demand and close operational gaps, and deliver goods, services, and experiences to their customers quickly. 

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Together, we are leading through change. Here are six ways MuleSoft customers are spearheading that change:

#1 Expediting COVID-19 test kits

Detecting COVID-19 is a crucial step in controlling the virus. One medical technology company is ramping up production of a COVID-19 test that promises to deliver results to clinicians in less than three hours. MuleSoft developed a proof of concept that demonstrated how the company could ramp up production from zero to 10M tests per month.

#2 Meeting delivery demands

Stay-at-home and take-out-only mandates have led to a major spike in food deliveries, creating technical complications for delivery applications and food providers. One of the world’s largest fast-food giants needed to prepare for a surge in online orders via their mobile app amid the COVID-19 crisis. MuleSoft scaled to meet the massive customer demand via the app by running billions of transactions easily.

#3 Keeping people connected

Work, school, and social interactions have shifted to digital communication amid social distancing policies, driving demand for remote conferencing technologies. One such provider has grown its customer base from 10M to 200M in just a few months. MuleSoft is underpinning this company’s entire billing process via Salesforce CPQ and enabling faster customer onboarding and enabling face-to-face communication. 

#4 Tracing COVID-19 contact spread

Contact tracing is the process of identifying others that may have been in contact with a sick person to get outbreaks under control. A state health agency is using MuleSoft to launch a COVID-19 contact tracing solution. In partnership with Deloitte, MuleSoft and Salesforce developed a case management solution in just five days. Other agencies within this state are now looking to reuse this same solution to assign and manage first responders to mitigate the spread of the virus.

#5 Processing payments for free 

Small business owners are facing new challenges with the closure of physical storefronts amid COVID-19. To help small businesses make up for the loss of in-person sales, one high-tech financial services provider is giving merchants free access to its eCommerce platform. MuleSoft is powering the connectivity between Salesforce and the company’s order management system to ensure merchants have visibility into their supply chains and know orders will arrive on time.

#6 Adjusting travel plans

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, many major airlines have suspended, reduced, or cut flights to affected regions. The dramatic increase in flight changes has left many airlines struggling to handle increased call volumes. MuleSoft is helping deliver self-service cancellation options to reduce call hold times and improve customer satisfaction.

MuleSoft is here to help 

Our customers use our platform to unlock, unify, and secure data to quickly deliver on critical, time-sensitive projects and ensure business continuity. For more information check out our IT leader’s checklist for leading through crisis.