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We provide a lot of webinars with tips and tricks from our development team on how to get the most out of Mule. But what about in the real world? We’re pleased to present a great customer use case of Mule in the wild.

In 2010, Employers Direct, a major workers’ compensation insurance provider, became Pacific Compensation. As part of this shift, the company fundamentally changed its entire model from direct sales to utilizing insurance brokers. This required a major systems overhaul and posed substantial integration challenges.

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Pacific Comp chose Mule to drive this shift. Erich Leipold, Architect at Pacific Compensation, will discuss how Pacific Compensation’s project including:

  • Integrating AS/400, STG billing, document management, legacy systems, cloud services, and more
  • Delivering with a limited development team and short time horizon
  • Designing for future initiatives, changes and growth
  • Best practices learned from Pacific Comp’s experiences

Our webinars have become so popular, we’ve decided to offer them twice: one for those in European time zones and one for those in North America.

Thursday, November 10th, 2011