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Earlier this month, at MuleSoft CONNECT 2018, we unveiled Titan, the next major release of Anypoint Platform. This release represents our most comprehensive Anypoint Platform release to date and marks a major milestone in our plan to help customers build flexible, secure, multi-cloud application networks. This release includes updates to the following components of Anypoint Platform:

  • Mule 4 and Studio: Our next-generation multi-cloud runtime engine and IDE.
  • Anypoint Runtime Fabric: A container service for deploying Mule runtimes across clouds.
  • Anypoint Monitoring: Monitoring and diagnostics purpose-built for application networks.
  • Anypoint Security: A suite of advanced security capabilities advanced perimeter and tokenization services, simple to apply.

This latest release of Anypoint Platform addresses the unique challenges that emerge when organizations pursue digital initiatives. Did you know that only 16% of digital initiatives succeed primarily due to slow time to value? Mule 4 and Studio drastically simplify development and operations and speed time to value. 

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How are your legacy monitoring and security systems keeping up with the complexity of digital transactions, which now cross an average of 35 different technology systems? Anypoint Monitoring and Anypoint Security eliminate observability gaps and maintain control over the complex landscape of cloud and on-premises applications, data, and devices without sacrificing agility.  

The innovations in the latest release build on the previous releases of Anypoint Platform, including the November release which enabled self-service integration through reuse and easy cross-team collaboration. With this release, Anypoint Platform provides new capabilities to easily deploy, secure, and monitor composite applications across cloud environments.

What’s new with Anypoint Platform

Mule 4 and Studio

Mule 4, the next generation release of the runtime engine, simplifies complex integration tasks and accelerates the speed of delivery. With up to 50% fewer concepts to learn and implement, Mule 4 and Studio empower a broader set of users to quickly build composite applications and prove the value of digital initiatives early and often.

To learn more about the capabilities released in Mule 4 and Anypoint Studio 7, check out the announcement.

Anypoint Monitoring

Research shows that a single business transaction now crosses an average of 35 different technology systems or components. Anypoint Monitoring provides the actionable visibility you need to maintain control over key performance indicators across your these transactions in your integrations and APIs. Take advantage of granular metrics and customizable dashboards to track trends in real-time, and store and search historic data to accelerate root cause analysis across every node.

  • Real-time metrics: Track every digital transaction using customizable dashboards that provide in-depth visibility into usage metrics. Replay individual transactions and drill down into event-related data to analyze the root cause of failures.
  • Dependency mapping: Identify issues quickly with a visual map of the dependencies of each application, API, and integration in your application network. Select a component and instantly examine the underlying data for faster resolution.
  • Log retention and analytics: Set your own retention policy and store log data in the geographic location of your choosing. Search and retrieve logs across data centers and regions, and eliminate the need for manual archiving.
  • Customizable alerting: Create customer alerts to flag anomalous behaviors before they turn into full-blown problems. Know when batches are stuck in process, when servers disconnect, or when application usage spikes, and adjust resources accordingly.

Anypoint Security

According to Gartner, by 2022 API abuses will be the most-frequent attack vector resulting in data breaches for enterprise applications. To ensure better protection, Anypoint Security introduces a modern security model for distributed architectures. Advanced perimeter and tokenization services simplify how security is delivered across every node. Additionally, new certifications for FedRamp In Process and GDPR mean you can deploy with the assurance that Anypoint Platform meets the highest levels of compliance.

  • Automatic tokenization: Tokenize, encrypt, or mask sensitive data in motion (e.g. PII, PHI, or credit card numbers) with API policies that increase data security while minimizing operational overhead.
  • Edge security: Construct multiple layers of defense with rapidly configured, policy-driven perimeter gateways that follow approved patterns. Easily isolate compromised nodes behind hardened, dedicated chokepoints.
  • Protected domains: Set up logical perimeters around applications, groups of APIs, integrations, and microservices to enable the safe adoption of new technologies in the protected domains.
  • Managing compliance: Meet government-mandated compliance standards, including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), FedRAMP In Process, EU Data Residency, and EU-US Privacy Shield.

Anypoint Runtime Fabric

Anypoint Runtime Fabric is a container service that makes it easy to manage multi-cloud deployments of Mule runtimes and to deploy multiple runtime versions on the same Runtime Fabric. By leveraging Docker and Kubernetes, Anypoint Runtime Fabric drastically simplifies the deployment and management of Mule runtimes on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), virtual machines (VMs), and physical servers. Isolate apps, scale horizontally, and redeploy with zero downtime.

  • Docker & Kubernetes built-in: No resources required to support or maintain orchestration and automation.
  • Benefits of the cloud, on-premises: Isolate applications, deploy multiple runtime versions in the same Anypoint Runtime Fabric, scale horizontally, and redeploy with zero-downtime.
  • Unified management: Easily manage deployments in multiple clouds all from Anypoint Platform’s cloud-based control plane hosted by MuleSoft.

Expanded connectivity

Finally, the Titan release introduces new capabiliites that make it faster and easier to connect applications and APIs with Anypoint Platform:

  • New MuleSoft certified connectors: SAP BusinessObjects BI, Docker, Microsoft Office 365, Google DFP, Edifecs XEngine Server, Zoho Books, and Amazon DynamoDB.
  • Mule flow triggers: Rather than needing to configure logic to perform scheduled queries against target systems, Anypoint Connectors now contain built-in logic to listen for data changes, such as when a new database row is created, a Salesforce lead is changed, or a file is created.
  • Mule SDK: Expands on the capabilities of Anypoint Connector DevKit with forward compatibility with Mule versions and support for transactions and routers.

This release represents great collaboration and development across our product and engineering teams, support and customer success, partners and, most importantly, feedback and direction from our customers.

Early feedback on the this latest release has been decidedly positive. Here is what our customers had to say:

  • “With the improvements made to simplify Mule 4, we’ve been able to reduce our developer on-ramp time. It’s now very easy to make components of the Mule applications reusable and share them with other developers, both in and out of our organization.” – Ananya Thakur, Software Architect, Cox Automotive
  • “ASOS is completing an ambitious transformation of its entire technology stack, shifting to a modern cloud-based microservice architecture with Microsoft Azure and MuleSoft. Anypoint Platform gives us the flexibility and agility to connect our consumer-facing services across public and private clouds in an application network that can adapt to the fast-moving needs of our business.” – Bob Strudwick, CTO, ASOS
  • “The tokenization capabilities within MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform allow us to secure credit card transactions flowing through JetBlue eCommerce Platform, so that we can drive innovation and agility without compromising security.” – Vitaly Faida, Manager of IT Product Release Engineering, JetBlue

We are proud to share the output of that effort with you, thank you for your continued support! We are also excited for you to explore these new capabilities and reach new levels of speed, security, and flexibility with your application networks!

To learn more about the latest release of Anypoint Platform, check out the following resources: