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This year, we held our biggest CONNECT yet! Attendees from across the world came together to learn from peers through 90+ breakout sessions, get the latest updates on the Titan release, and more.

On top of all of that, we had a very special DevZone at CONNECT where we provided instructional, inspirational, and fun content for fellow MuleSoft developers. We had community members meet in person for the first time, we showed the power of Anypoint Platform through creative interactive demos, and held panels with some amazing MuleSoft Developers and Product Managers!

Interactive demos

CryptoMule Store

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Photo by Ruba Aleryani

This demo, created by engineers Mariano Campo and Nicolas Mouso, showcases Mule’s ability to interface with the Ethereum network and the benefits of the application network. This end-to-end eCommerce solution – powered by Anypoint Platform – takes the user through a real online store experience that uses Ethereum’s Smart Contracts feature to securely verify the purchase and transfer funds.

Keep an eye out for an open-source community connector in Anypoint Exchange, that will allow you to connect to the Ethereum network.



Photo by Ruba Aleryani

MuleQuest is a competitive first-player adventure game that teaches Anypoint Platform. Players have to help Max overcome obstacles by creating integrations in flow designer that allow Max to perform the necessary actions. Special thank you to our team of talented developers: Jeff Harris, Anand Patel, Tony Li, Adrien Magnus, Kapil Duraphe, and Andrew Lai for delivering such an amazing demo.

MuleQuest was also the subject of an instructor-led hands-on workshop where people actively played MuleQuest by developing 4 different integrations in flow designer to allow the character to progress through the levels. The workshop was led by Jeff Harris as well as Anand Patel, Tony Li, and Kapil Duraphe.



MuleyTreats is an IoT-based social media engagement candy machine. Audience members were able to tweet specified hashtags and get rewarded with candy treats instantly. MuleyTreats showed the breadth of our offerings by demonstrating the lightning speed of AnypointMQ.

Community spaces

Community booth

Photo by Ruba Aleryani

The community booth was the place for community members to hang out, meet others, and learn about our community programs. Our Meetup program was by far the most popular initiative, everyone wanted to join a group! You’re definitely going to see more MuleSoft developer Meetups across the world––from Tel Aviv and Monterrey to Virginia Beach and Waterloo.


RAML booth

Photo by Ruba Aleryani

This booth was a place where people came to discuss anything API spec-related––from RAML to OAS. We also demoed AMF, an open-source library maintained by MuleSoft that enables several new capabilities on top of API specs.


Mini-hack area

In the mini-hack area, attendees received the opportunity to chat with speakers, ask questions, attend workshops, and more.

Jamie Triplett spent almost 2 hours answering his attendees’ questions and providing practical advice on incorporating Anypoint Platform to their CI/CD pipeline. Phil Connaughton, Director of Engineering at ASICS, had an intimate and interactive session with his attendees to talk about how to connect an eCommerce platform using Anypoint Platform. And Manik Magar, with the help of Ethan Port, had close to 100 attendees that followed him to the DevZone for an extremely popular Q&A session on DataWeave!


Fireside chat with the PM and Engineering teams

Photo by Ruba Aleryani

This fireside chat involved an intimate discussion between community developers and MuleSoft’s Product Managers and Engineering teams. Developers were able to voice their questions, and requests, as well as provide product feedback to the MuleSoft team.

Overall, the DevZone was a tremendous success and we can’t wait to see you again at the next event!