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Events this year have looked a little different than they did last year. Who am I kidding — events this year have been completely flipped upside down — and Dreamforce is no different! 

Dreamforce has been reimagined as ‘Dreamforce to You’ and there are a ton of opportunities to get in on the fun, wherever you’re working from home! This event will bring insightful and relevant conversations, and showcase Salesforce’s Customer 360 innovations geared for the new, all-digital world.

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In this blog, I’ll tell you where you can meet MuleSoft at Dreamforce to You!

Dreamforce to You Keynote

The Dreamforce to You event will kick off with a keynote on Wednesday, December 2, at 9:40 a.m. PT. During this session, Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, and other special guests will share stories of learnings and success during this challenging year. 

MuleSoft will be featured in the keynote with a very special announcement on a new product offering! Sign up and join the keynote for free. 


In the following weeks, between December 14-17, you can attend DreamTX to learn from a whole community of Trailblazers. You can tune in to all of the sessions for free as well!

Monday, 12/14: LIVE: Integration Innovation & Releases

Whether you are a developer or admin, working within IT or outside of IT, MuleSoft has new products and features to make your job easier. Join our product leader to see highlights from our upcoming releases.

Monday, 12/14: MuleSoft: Create Integrated Customer 360 Experiences

The average organization has 900 applications with only 28% integrated. Join us to learn how MuleSoft and Salesforce provide a more strategic approach to integration and enable connected experiences with Sales, Service, Tableau, Commerce, and more. Plus, learn about the latest innovations to help customers integrate up to 3X faster.

Monday, 12/14: Unleash the Power of Data: MuleSoft and Tableau 

Data-based insights are a critical component of strategic decision-making, but transforming data into actionable insights can be challenging — especially if the data lives in disconnected applications. Join this session to see how businesses and IT leaders can unlock, analyze, and act on all of their data with MuleSoft and Tableau.

Tuesday, 12/15: Create a single customer view with MuleSoft & Service Cloud

Today’s service operations expand beyond the call center with customers now expecting more personalized engagement. Join us to learn how we help unlock data across the business, enable service agents to gain deeper customer understanding, and scale faster with a single customer view with MuleSoft and Service Cloud.

Wednesday, 12/16: Fast and easy integration with MuleSoft

MuleSoft Composer is the fastest and easiest way to connect your app and data to Salesforce. Join us in this demo-driven session to see how you can unleash the power of integration with clicks not code in minutes.

Wednesday, 12/16: Unlock the Back Office with MuleSoft and Salesforce

To take full advantage of your CRM requires building integrations to connect to many back-office systems such as ERP. Join this demo-led session to learn how MuleSoft can help you integrate Salesforce faster and unlock the back office.

Thursday, 12/16: Automate and Integrate with Flows

With Einstein Automate, the world of automation and integration is your oyster. Join us to learn how you can use Salesforce Flow to create pixel-perfect apps that integrate with third-party systems – including APIs you create yourself in MuleSoft.

Thursday, 12/16: Virtual Expo

And last, but certainly not least, stop by our booth in the Virtual Expo on Trailhead Day! This is a day dedicated to any developer, Salesforce admin, architect, or IT professional. We’ll have demos with our new product offerings and ask experts questions! 

Register for Dreamforce to You — we can’t wait to see you there!