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A recent report, conducted by Utah State University and sponsored by Puppet Labs, revealed that DevOps practices can boost IT performance and ultimately improve a 's bottom line. High IT performance correlates with DevOps practices like proactive monitoring and continuous delivery and integration.  Similarly, the ability to create and implement a successful API strategy has become a critical competency for modern IT teams.  According to MuleSoft's 2017 Connectivity Benchmark Report, 94% of IT leaders confirm they can deliver products and services to market faster with .

Our second DevOps and API lifecycle webinar (here is the first) shows in a 35 minute demo where these two competencies intersect on Anypoint Platform.  We will also demonstrate how you can use DevOps practices to drive efficiency and quality throughout your API lifecycle with MuleSoft and move from concept to production code in weeks instead of months or years.

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The demo will highlight the following Anypoint Platform capabilities:

  1. API Designer: create an API and mock it using RAML
  2. Portal: Create a compelling developer on-ramp experience
  3. Anypoint Exchange: Publish the API enable self-service consumption and promote parallel development (front-end developers can start building with the mocked service)
  4. Anypoint Studio: Build the API in Anypoint Studio and sync it with Anypoint Platform
  5. MUnit: Use a test driven approach to development to ensure quality
  6. : Deploy your API 4 different ways (depending on your DevOps tooling/requirements)
    • Using Studio to deploy directly to Anypoint Platform — suitable for testing only
    • Using the Command Line Interface (CLI)
    • Automate deployment using Jenkins and CLI
    • Automate deployment using Maven

Webinar Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am PST

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