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As the business environment remains highly uncertain, organizations must be able to innovate and transform with agility at speed. 

But that’s far from straightforward. Many companies face barriers that hamper their organizational agility, such as: 

  • Outdated approaches and tools for integration
  • Ineffective governance and lack of standardization
  • Legacy infrastructure and high technical debt
  • Inaccessible, unusable data
  • Skills shortages
  • Disconnected lines of business 

These challenges make innovation slow and expensive. How can businesses break free from these shackles and take their agility to new heights? 

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Time to CONNECT 

Join Accenture at MuleSoft CONNECT 2022 to learn how we’re helping companies connect their applications, data and devices through a “composable app” experience. This enables modularity, autonomy, orchestration and discovery for users across the organization and wider digital ecosystem.

At the conference, you’ll hear from our thought leaders who will share insights on how we are helping our clients redefine their company and industry by removing roadblocks, accelerating innovation, and driving better relationships with their customers, partners, and employees.

Our session featured in New York, Paris, and Sydney is Coexistence: Integration strategies for composable apps will focus on how today’s enterprise landscape includes many different integration platforms, tools and capabilities as enterprises often struggle to meet business demands, get the most value from their tools, and be future-ready. We’ll discuss some trends, best practices, and real client experiences from those that are navigating through the complex world of enterprise integration with MuleSoft at the core.  

New York

12:45–1:15 p.m. EST: Know your customer: Creating the ultimate single view


  • Scott Allen, Senior Manager, Product Strategy, Customer & Market Insights, Salesforce 
  • Alan Cardel, Software Engineer, Salesforce 
  • Cindy Chang, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, MuleSoft
  • Ryan Powell, Salesforce Business Group Global Innovation Lead, Accenture

4:00–4:30 p.m. EST: Coexistence: Integration strategies for composable apps


  • Zafeer Alibhai, Canada MuleSoft and Integration Lead, Accenture
  • Omer Iqbal, SVP, Digital Strategy and Architecture, Shiseido
  • Atif Khan, US MuleSoft Lead and Master Technology Architect, Accenture


3:00–3:30 p.m. CEST: Coexistence: Integration strategies for composable apps


  • Cédric Baudoin, Associate Director in charge of Data Capabilities, Accenture
  • Nicolas Velsch, Senior Manager au sein du Accenture Salesforce Business Group,  Accenture


1:00–1:30 p.m. AEST: Coexistence: Integration strategies for composable apps


  • Tom Charles, Accenture, Accenture ANZ Integration Practice Lead 
  • Gregory Kirkendall, Principal Channel Solution Engineer, MuleSoft 

In London, we’ll be introducing Single Online Home, a digital platform transforming the Police’s relationship with the public.  


3:15–3:45 p.m. BST: Enabling transformation of the citizen experience


  • Christopher Forster, Lead Solutions Engineer, MuleSoft 
  • Damian Robinson, iHub Delivery Lead, Accenture 

We’ll also have two on-demand sessions where you’ll hear directly from THÜGA and Accenture about a unique project integrating an Accounting Platform for 15 million THÜGA TAP Customers as well as from Accenture architects on Integration 360 – a holistic approach for a successful modernization journey.

On-demand sessions

On-demand: Integrating an accounting platform for 15 million THÜGA TAP customers


  • Dr. Bernd Krause, THÜGA TAP Delivery Lead
  • Oliver Minor, Accenture Chief Architect, THÜGA TAP Program
  • Stefan Grundmann, Accenture MuleSoft Architect, THÜGA TAP Program
  • Henry Hess, Accenture MuleSoft Lead Europe

On-demand: Integration 360 – A holistic approach for a successful modernization journey


  • Marc Walanka, Accenture NA MuleSoft Market Development Director
  • Atif Khan, Accenture US MuleSoft Lead and Master Technology Architect
  • Zafeer Alibhai, Accenture Canada MuleSoft and Integration Lead

Visit with us around the world at the Accenture booth where we’ll showcase and unleash the new composable app experience. See you there!