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In April, our MuleSoft Meetup leaders took the initiative to transform their events into engaging digital experiences for the MuleSoft Community. We are so grateful for their hard work, passion, and impact on our MuleSoft Community during these challenging times. As we continue prioritizing the health and safety of our customers, partners, employees, and their loved ones, our MuleSoft Meetups will remain virtual through May.

Our global Online Group and local Meetup communities saw great success with their April virtual events. Participants say the online experience offered hands-on, precise, and engaging presentations from Meetup speakers. While we are remote, virtual Meetups present new opportunities for our developer community to connect, learn, and share with one another. Our MuleSoft Community members could join any Meetup, regardless of location, since our events are online. 

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This month, we have also reimagined the Developer Meetup at MuleSoft CONNECT Digital to be held virtually. The entire MuleSoft CONNECT Digital event is free to join this year! Just like our other online Meetups, you can join from anywhere to learn from MuleSoft experts. Our Community booth will provide more information on all MuleSoft Meetup groups. It is another great opportunity to learn more about the MuleSoft Developer Community!

We have more than 130 MuleSoft Meetup groups worldwide. Join the one nearest to you and get notifications when new events are scheduled. And if you’re interested in joining one of our online MuleSoft Meetups, check out these 15 virtual sessions you can join from anywhere around the world: 

Upcoming virtual Meetups in May

Mumbai, India: May 2, 2020

The Mumbai group will hold its second virtual Meetup to discuss securing data transmission and logging mechanisms using Splunk and Mule 4 dockerization. Speakers include Supriya Pawar, Technical Delivery Team Lead at Accenture, Sumit Ahuja, Sr. Software Developer at Accenture, and Ankur Parashar at UnitedHealth Group. 

Register here for the virtual Meetup.

Chennai, India: May 2, 2020

NaveenKumar S, Software Engineer at MST Solutions, and DineshKumar RK, Sr. Software Engineer at MST Solutions, will discuss messaging queue and Kafka Implementation. Bring questions for the Q&A session. 

Register here for the virtual Meetup.

Surat, India: May 2, 2020

The Surat MuleSoft Meetup group is launching its first event today. Nikhil More, Associate Projects at Cognizant, will share an overview of Anypoint Platform and how to build an application network

Register here for the virtual Meetup.

Atlanta, GA: May 4, 2020

Join Navin Kare, Sr. Consultant at Big Compass, Rajnish Kumar, CTO at Varnish Technology, and Tom Loughran, Sr. Solutions Architect at Aspiero. They will cover basic, intermediate, and advanced logging strategies in Anypoint Platform. Additionally, Aaron Unterburger, Lead Solution Engineer at MuleSoft, and Edgar Ortiz, Lead Solution Engineer at MuleSoft, will provide supporting demonstrations.

Register here for the virtual Meetup.

México City, México: May 4, 2020

Juan Bucio, Development Lead at Systems and Software Solutions, will tackle advanced development best practices using MUnit and how to test your MuleSoft applications. 

Dallas, TX: May 6, 2020

Adam Mead, Sr. Consultant at Avio Consulting, shares his experience using the HashiCorp Vault Connector for Mule 4 and the HashiCorp Vault Properties Provider for Mule 4. He will provide a demonstration with working examples.

Register here for the virtual Meetup.

Melbourne, Australia: May 6, 2020

Learn about API security and Anypoint Monitoring best practices from three MuleSoft experts. Connect with Daniel Soffer, Sr. Technical Architect at MuleSoft, James Healy, Technical Architect at MuleSoft, and Adam Bond, Solutions Consultant at MuleSoft.

Register here for the virtual Meetup.

Manila, Philippines: May 6, 2020 

Joyce Banting, Ron Jacob, and Mike Figuero, all Sr. Integration Solutions Consultants at Capgemini and WhiteSky labs, will lead the first virtual Meetup in Manila. They will cover best practices for Cloudhub, API Manager, and Anypoint Monitoring. Follow along during their live demo. 

Register here for the virtual Meetup.

Online Group- English: May 6, 2020

Connect with Ibra Abouelela, Integration Architect at WhiteSky Labs, for a discussion on managed file transfer (MFT) using Mule 4.

Register here for the virtual Meetup.

Monterrey, Mexico: May 8, 2020

Monterrey is launching their first Meetup event as a group. Alan Muñoz, Integration Architect at Accenture, will provide an overview of each tool offered in Anypoint Platform and how to leverage API-led connectivity in individual projects. 

Register here for the virtual Meetup.

Thiruvananthapuram, India: May 9, 2020

Lalit Panwar, Sr. Instructor at MuleSoft, and Mazhar Mohammed Ansari, VP Solutions Architect at Aspiero, will lead the first Meetup event for the Thiruvananthapuram group. Learn how to build an application network and conduct logging on Anypoint Platform.

Register here for the virtual Meetup.

Twin Cities, MN: May 19, 2020

The Twin Cities Meetup will be held virtually. A finalized agenda will be posted shortly. Register below to be notified. 

Register here for the virtual Meetup.

Developer Meetup at CONNECT, US: May 20, 2020

This is one of our largest Meetup events of the year and we have transformed it into a virtual experience for developers to attend from anywhere in the world! Our MuleSoft Ambassador Joshua Erney, will present his expertise of DataWeave. Joining him is Veera Gopalakrishnan, System Integration Engineer at UCSF, and Swarnim Ranjitkar, Sr. Software Engineer at UCSF, to present their use of MuleSoft to improve their customer experience as a healthcare provider. Bring questions for our Q&A event.

Register here for the virtual Meetup.

Winnipeg, Canada: May 26, 2020

Join Manna Akpan, Application Developer at Wawanesa Insurance, to learn how to define and achieve reliability goals for an integration application. He will also dive into MuleSoft best practices.

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Vancouver, Canada: May 29, 2020

Vishal Aggarwal, Integration Architect at Capgemini, will highlight Pub/Sub integration patterns using Anypoint MQ. This will be the first virtual Meetup for Vancouver. 

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Here are some images from past virtual Meetups:

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