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In case you missed TDX22, we have some big news! This year, for the first time ever, a MuleSoft Ambassador was awarded the Golden Hoodie during the Salesforce Keynote. We are very excited to introduce you to Miguel Martinez, share his incredible MuleSoft and Salesforce story, and provide some tips for getting started on your journey to becoming the next Miguel. 

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Let’s meet Miguel Martinez

Miguel Martinez is a Sr. Solutions Architect and LATAM Practice Lead at OpenLogix. However, he is much more than that! Miguel became a MuleSoft Ambassador in 2018 as part of the first ever MuleSoft Ambassador cohort. Before this, he was one of our first MuleSoft Meetup Leaders in Dallas, Texas helping us bring MuleSoft to his local area. Miguel is truly a trailblazer. Beyond his work for the MuleSoft Community Leaders programs, he spends much of his time mentoring individuals in LATAM and around the world to help them learn MuleSoft, excel in their new careers, and relocate to the United States if that is their goal. 

The countless hours Miguel dedicates to our community has led him to become one of the most recognized leaders in our programs. He is always available to answer difficult questions, give candid feedback, and take the time to help anyone, even if he just met them. I witnessed this compassion and eagerness to help others firsthand at TDX22. 

Miguel asked me to meet with him because he had met a young woman interested in transitioning from a developer to a marketer. While Miguel doesn’t work in marketing, he spent over an hour helping this young woman meet and network with individuals on our MuleSoft Marketing team. The best part was seeing how much joy it brought him when others took the time to offer advice, career guidance, and support. It comes second nature to Miguel! 

Miguel’s entire MuleSoft and Salesforce story has been outlined already, and we’ve also included an interview we conducted with Miguel at TDX22 where he describes what motivates him to give back.


What is a Golden Hoodie?

For many in the Trailblazer community, the Golden Hoodie is the most coveted award someone can win for their work in the community. The Golden Hoodie represents the ultimate level of giving back with no expectations of receiving anything in return. 

Only a select few individuals receive the Golden Hoodie every year, and the process to be selected is by nomination only. As our first MuleSoft Ambassador to receive the Golden Hoodie, Miguel joins an elite group of selfless, compassionate, and passionate community leaders in the Trailblazer community. We are so proud of him for representing the incredible work of other MuleSoft Leaders as well and hope more of our community members will follow in his footsteps!

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How can I be like Miguel?   

The first step is to become an active contributor to the MuleSoft Community! Here are a few opportunities, programs, and ideas for you to get involved: 

  • Become a MuleSoft Mentor: This program provides career development, training, and soft skill enablement through special product access, 1:1 coaching, and quarterly contribution requirements.
  • Become a Meetup Leader: If you aren’t quite ready to become a MuleSoft Mentor, start by becoming a local mobilizer in your city! As a Meetup Leader, you are responsible for bringing together members from all over the world to quarterly events led by the Community for the Community.

Not quite ready to become a MuleSoft Community Leader? Don’t worry. You can start by finding different ways to share your knowledge such as:

Whether you are a developer, architect, ITDM, Admin, Salesforce developer, C-level exec, the MuleSoft Community has something for everyone. Get started today and stay up to date by following our MuleSoft Community LinkedIn.

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Again, we want to say thank you to Miguel for all his inspiring work in the MuleSoft and Salesforce communities. He is truly someone we look up to, and we can’t wait to see all he accomplishes in the future. Miguel is always open to mentoring and connecting with new individuals, so please reach out to him on LinkedIn.