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Dreamforce 2022 was special in so many ways for the MuleSoft Community. With over 20 sessions led by MuleSoft Mentors and Ambassadors, there was so much to celebrate. The most memorable moment was the MuleSoft Keynote when our very own Nisha Sharma, MuleSoft Ambassador and founder of the Women Who Mule Meetup group, received the coveted Golden Hoodie! If you missed it live, you can still watch Nisha accept her Golden hoodie on demand. 

Golden Hoodie Dreamforce 2022
Nisha Sharma in her Golden Hoodie with a Golden Hoodie Astro

To celebrate Nisha and say thank you for all of the amazing work she continues to do in the MuleSoft Community, we reached out to a few of the women she has inspired at MuleSoft and in the MuleSoft Community to share a few words about her. 

Congratulations, Nisha Sharma!

“It’s been so incredible to observe Nisha’s leadership with the Women who Mule group. It all started with her idea, and now we can see her impact all over the world. She supported other women in starting regional groups. These bring together thousands of women who share their experience and empower each other regularly.” 

– Sabrina Marechal, MuleSoft 

“As a force in the movement to break down barriers for women in tech, I cannot think of a more deserving recipient of the Golden Hoodie. Nisha has spearheaded opportunities across all of her circles of opportunity to empower those around her. In addition to her role as Managing Director at Accenture, Nisha Leads not only her office’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts but also is responsible for the Women’s employee Resource Group. Outside of her work responsibilities, she founded the Women Who Mule meetup group, which offers a platform for women developers/architects and their allies to learn, network, and share their expertise. We are so grateful for all the trails that Nisha has blazed and look forward to all she will achieve in the future!” 

– Isabella Navarro, MuleSoft

“Working with people like Nisha makes you want to enjoy your work. Always seeing her ready to empower women globally. I see her as a collaborative person, open to feedback and receiving new ideas to bring to the community. Her work at the Women Who Mule group has been tremendous, and a personal inspiration for me!” 

– Mariana Lemus, MuleSoft

“Nisha Sharma is an inspirational leader and mentor. As a founding member of WomenWhoMule, Nisha had a vision to give women a platform to share their experiences, lift one another up and to provide space for everyone to have a voice.  She has generously given her time to shepherd the group through its beginnings in the US and then to supporting others around the world, extending the community and its impact across the globe.  She represents the values that we hold high at Salesforce and is well deserving of the Golden Hoodie. Congratulations, Nisha!” 

– Amy Olthouse, MuleSoft 
Golden Hoodie Dreamforce 2022
Golden Hoodie winners Nisha Sharma and Miguel Martinez

“While sporting the Golden Hoodie, Nisha has a graceful, pioneer spirit with a heart of gold sparkling from within! Her pioneer spirit resulted in the creation of the Women Who Mule Meetup Group that provides a platform for women across the globe to empower one another. As the first speaker for WWM, she was so encouraging and supportive for the presentation of my MuleSoft journey giving me an opportunity to share the battle scars of success. Her heart of gold resonates in everything she does from words of encouragement, to having a voice for women in tech. A hearty congratulations and well deserved recognition Nisha!” 

– Diane Kesler, MuleSoft Ambassador, Integration Quest

“I congratulate Nisha for receiving the Golden Hoodie as she is a true leader who is inspiring other women around the globe with her passion of giving back to the MuleSoft Community.” 

– Sonal Sharma, MuleSoft Mentor, Capgemini 

“Working as a Women Who Mule meetup leader with Nisha has given me the opportunity to see the gentle kindness and calm support of her leadership style. Nisha allows others to run with their ideas while carefully listening to their plans, offering redirection, and adding thoughts that help the project run more smoothly and keep it within the scope of the audience.  If you ever get the chance to work with Nisha, don’t forget to wait for, even ask for, her thoughts. She will keep you focused and out of trouble!” 

– Angela Patterson, MuleSoft Mentor, Integration Quest
Golden Hoodie Dreamforce 2022

Join the Women Who Mule group  

Now it’s your turn to join this amazing group of women and their allies. We have groups in AMER, APAC, and EMEA. Each Meetup features a career or personal growth topic as well as a hands-on workshop in MuleSoft or other related topic to provide the best of both worlds. 

If you aren’t convinced yet, we recently sat down with the leaders of AMER and APAC to learn more about what motivates them to give back. Read the entire conversation to learn more! 

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Congrats again, Nisha! 

Nisha, you are truly one of a kind and the work you do for the MuleSoft Community, women in tech, and your own team is amazing. You encourage all of us here at MuleSoft to pause, take a moment, and give back. We have all learned so much from you and we can’t wait to see what you take on next. 

If you are inspired to become the next Golden Hooden recipient, your journey starts in the MuleSoft Community. Join today by becoming a MuleSoft Mentor and making a difference for others!