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We could say a lot about the MuleSoft Community: how unique and vibrant it is, and what a great place it is to learn about integration and automation.

We often get compliments on how well the MuleSoft Community is doing, but frankly, it’s all thanks to the amazing Muley Community Leaders who make our community such a unique place to be and grow.

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Every year, we look back at all the amazing work our community has done, and we award the prestigious MuleSoft Community Awards to the best of the best of our community contributors. And guess what? Every year, it’s a difficult exercise to select winners as our community leaders put their best work forward and make a tremendous impact in our ecosystem.

Winners of the 2024 MuleSoft Community Awards

From organizing 400 MuleSoft Meetups, to contributing more than 6,000 pieces of educational content, to speaking at events like TDX23 and Dreamforce, their work in 2023 spanned blogs, events, YouTube, live streams, career coaching, and more.

Without further ado, let’s announce the winners of the 2024 MuleSoft Community Awards!

MuleSoft Community All Stars

These five five MuleSoft Community Leaders are remarkable. As dedicated MuleSoft Ambassadors, they consistently exceed expectations in various aspects of their involvement. This includes taking the lead and presenting at MuleSoft Meetups worldwide, providing guidance to others, showcasing their expertise across multiple platforms, and striving to make the MuleSoft Community successful.

MuleSoft Community All Stars
  • Myra Wilson, MuleSoft Ambassador and Salesforce Solution Architect at Trimble
  • Melissa Shepard, MuleSoft Ambassador and Co-Founder, Managing Director, Architecture & Delivery at Estarei
  • Rajesh Nagarajan, MuleSoft Ambassador and Senior Manager of Enterprise Data Integrations at AVEVA
  • Joey Chan, MuleSoft Ambassador and Founder, Principal Consultant and Technical Architect at Cloud Jedi Solutions 
  • Nicholas Bowman, MuleSoft Ambassador and Integration Architect at Zimmer Biomet

Top MuleSoft Ambassadors

This award is presented to MuleSoft Ambassadors who have made contributions of the highest caliber, demonstrating a commitment to mentoring others in their professional journey and always challenging themselves within the MuleSoft ecosystem.

Top MuleSoft Ambassadors
  • Shivani Marrero, MuleSoft Ambassador and Senior MuleSoft Developer at RUSH University Medical Center
  • Larry Mayers, MuleSoft Ambassador and Solutions Architect at Sagicor Financial Corporation
  • Jim Andrews, MuleSoft Ambassador and MuleSoft Practice Delivery Lead at PhiDimensions
  • Nisha Sharma, MuleSoft Ambassador and Managing Director – Global MuleSoft and Tableau Practice at Accenture

Top MuleSoft Mentors

This award goes to the MuleSoft Mentors with the highest quality contributions, those who mentored and supported others in the community.

Top MuleSoft Mentors
  • Ismeet Kaur, MuleSoft Mentor and Principal Consultant at Uptima
  • Andrew Shanks, MuleSoft Mentor and Salesforce Administrator at Oregon Humane Society
  • Meghesh Shenoy, MuleSoft Mentor and Salesforce Analyst at Deloitte Digital

Top MuleSoft Meetup Leaders

This award goes to MuleSoft Meetup Leaders who created the best experience for their groups, held regular events, and supported other Meetup groups across the world. 

Top MuleSoft Meetup Leaders
  • Abhishek Bathwal, MuleSoft Ambassador and Meetup Leader, Principal Developer at NeuraFlash
  • Renato Oliveira, MuleSoft Mentor and Senior Solutions Architect at Everymind 
  • Daniel Mirilli, Agile Project Manager at VenturiX Solutions
  • Jorge Lebrato, MuleSoft Ambassador and Digital Architecture Executive Manager at NTT DATA Europe & LATAM
  • Eva Mave Ng, Client Solutions Engineer at Cover Genius
  • Vikas Sharma, MuleSoft Mentor and Senior Consultant at Infosys 

MuleSoft Community Influencers

This award goes to MuleSoft Community Leaders who have been actively sharing educational content and helping others on multiple social platforms. 

Top MuleSoft Community Influencers
  • Brad Ringer, MuleSoft Ambassador and Principal System Engineer at AT&T
  • Shubham Kalsi, MuleSoft Mentor and Senior Integration Engineer at Carta
  • Lavina Desai-Ambani, MuleSoft Mentor and VP Customer Success & Sales at Caelius Consulting 

Top MuleSoft Meetup Speakers

This award goes to MuleSoft Meetup Speakers who received awesome feedback thanks to high-quality presentations.

Top MuleSoft Meetup Speakers
  • Mukesh Thakur, MuleSoft Mentor and Senior Technical Architect at YASH Technologies
  • Brian Statkevicus, MuleSoft Ambassador and Practice Manager, ArganoConnect at Argano 
  • Gaurav Kheterpal, MuleSoft Ambassador and Chief Executive Officer at Vanshiv Technologies
  • Mary Joy Sabal, MuleSoft Ambassador and Executive, MuleSoft Offering ANZ at DXC Technology

Top Muleys Who Gave Back

This award goes to Muleys who went above and beyond to give back to their local communities.

Top Muleys Who Gave Back
  • Felipe Ocadiz, MuleSoft Ambassador and Senior Integration Engineer at Apple
  • Ravi Tamada, MuleSoft Ambassador and Senior Technical Architect at Capgemini
  • Nadina Lisbon, MuleSoft Ambassador and CRM Enterprise Architect at NetApp
  • Diane Kesler, MuleSoft Ambassador and CEO at Integration Quest
  • Santosh Ojha, MuleSoft Ambassador and Senior Architecture Advisor at NTT DATA Services

 Most Active MuleSoft Meetup Groups

This award goes to MuleSoft Meetups groups who were the most active in their region and did so through high quality events.

Top MuleSoft Technical Helpers

This award goes to the MuleSoft Community Leaders who answer the toughest questions and continuously help others on the MuleSoft Forums and Slack channels.

Top MuleSoft Technical Helpers
  • Kiruthika Nithyanandan, MuleSoft Mentor and Senior Robotic Process Automation Consultant at LPDG Lehmann + Pioneers Digital Group
  • Germán Corbetta, MuleSoft Mentor and Senior MuleSoft Developer at Blanc Labs 
  • Manish Yadav, MuleSoft Ambassador and Solution Architect at Billennium
  • Tony DeFusco, MuleSoft Ambassador and Lead Integration Engineer at Brown University

Top Community Bloggers

This award goes to the best creators of educational blogs, helping countless MuleSoft users skill up. 

Top MuleSoft Community Bloggers
  • Eduardo Ponzoni, MuleSoft Ambassador and Integration Practice Lead at Adaptiv
  • Alan Dalley, MuleSoft Mentor and Mobile Solution Architect at Network Rail
  • Edgar Moran, MuleSoft Ambassador and Software Engineer at Cisco Meraki
  • Jennifer Cole, MuleSoft Ambassador and Director Business Intelligence & Automation at 908 Devices

Top Twitch Livestream Guests

This award goes to the best Twitch guests on the MuleSoft Community Twitch.

Top MuleSoft Twitch Stream Guests
  • Ryan Hoegg, MuleSoft Mentor and CEO of Hoegg Software
  • Shyam Raj Prasad, MuleSoft Mentor and Engineering Leader at Tricon Infotech 
  • Kiranjot Kaur, MuleSoft Mentor and Associate Solution Architect at Caelius Consulting


This award goes to the promising Muleys who have stepped up and shown great commitment as MuleSoft Community Leaders this year.

MuleSoft Up & Comers
  • Priya Shaw, MuleSoft Mentor and Technical Lead at Mindtree
  • Padmavathi Mohan, MuleSoft Mentor and Salesforce Administrator Professional at Trimble Inc. 
  • Pascual Eduardo Vellibre Belenguer, MuleSoft Mentor and Head of Salesforce & MuleSoft Technology at HBX Group 
  • Carlos Iturria, MuleSoft Mentor and Director of Data Integration, API, and Security at Foryouandyourcustomers

Thank you, MuleSoft Community!

We want to say thank you to all of the amazing MuleSoft employees who support the MuleSoft community every day. Without you all, we wouldn’t be able to find and collaborate with such amazing MuleSoft Community Leaders!

Last, but not least, thank you to all our incredible MuleSoft Community Leaders! If you’re feeling inspired and would like to see your name as an award recipient next year, get involved in the MuleSoft Community by: 

We hope to see you on our list of MuleSoft Community Awards winners next year!