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The MuleSoft Community kicked off 2024 with tons of amazing sessions at events, educational content creation, and opportunities to network around the world. We’ve curated a list of some must-read and watch content as well as what the MuleSoft Community can look forward to this coming quarter!

MuleSoft Community Q1 events: A recap

This past quarter was busy with TDX, World Tour New York, and World Tour Sydney. We had a blast connecting with the MuleSoft Community at TDX and hearing many of our leaders share their expertise on stage. Check out some of our favorite pictures below!

Last month, we also had the pleasure of connecting with our New York City community during World Tour NYC where we welcomed new Muleys, talked about all things automation, and attended a MuleSoft Meetup about MuleSoft plus AI. If you’re local to New York, we definitely recommend joining the local New York City MuleSoft Meetup group. 

Our MuleSoft Community in APAC also shared their knowledge at World Tour Sydney. Learning from Muleys around the world is always a highlight of working with our wonderful community. If you are located in Sydney, we recommend joining the local Sydney MuleSoft Meetup group.

Must-watch MuleSoft Community videos

With so many awesome MuleSoft Community sessions at major events, our community wanted to keep the momentum going and brought many of their sessions to the virtual stage through MuleSoft Meetups. We curated multiple YouTube playlists and Twitch streams of must watch videos to help you learn MuleSoft and hear from our awesome leaders. Here are the must-watch MuleSoft Community videos from Q1:

Must-read MuleSoft Community blogs

The MuleSoft Community also creates blogs on various platforms that highlight trending topics to support others learning MuleSoft. Here are five articles from last quarter that are must reads:

Upcoming MuleSoft Community events

The MuleSoft Community is participating in a variety of events over the next few months. Check out upcoming special MuleSoft Meetups, submit your content proposals for Dreamforce, and register for World Tour London.

Upcoming MuleSoft Meetups featuring MuleSoft Product Managers

We have a variety of special Meetup events that include MuleSoft Product Managers ready to answer your questions and share exciting product updates. Check out the upcoming events below:

  • May 16: B2B Crash Course: EDI-Cation Level Up:  Get smart with your B2B integration strategy in this special MuleSoft Community “EDI-cation” Meetup! We are rounding out our B2B Crash Course Spring series with a deep dive that spotlights the top innovations we’ve released on MuleSoft’s Anypoint Partner Manager solution.
  • May 23: Master API Management: Govern APIs with Actionable Insights: Take your API Governance to next level with our soon-to-come feature, API Insights. In this session, we will discuss where governance fits into your Full Lifecycle API Management, introduce the new feature, and share how you can start implementing Anypoint API Governance.
  • May 23: Automate Order Management Processes with IDP and Partner Manager: We recently announced the release of MuleSoft IDP and the MuleSoft Community is already hosting upcoming MuleSoft Meetups to educate you on this tool.
  • May 30: Monitor your Mule! Monitoring and Observability in MuleSoft: MuleSoft offers a variety of Monitoring capabilities across Anypoint Platform and beyond. Join this session to get a holistic understanding of what MuleSoft has to offer as well the latest and upcoming feature releases. This session will also dive into the realm of AI and how it’s poised to impact the world of Monitoring.
  • World Tours: London, Boston, and Tokyo: Join the MuleSoft Community at World Tour London, Boston, and Tokyo in June. These are great opportunities to network with local Muleys and learn more about MuleSoft and Salesforce together. Registration is free!

Dreamforce 2024 call for participation is open

Don’t miss out on sharing your MuleSoft expertise on the big stage of Dreamforce 2024 in San Francisco from September 17–19, 2024. The Dreamforce 2024 call for participation is open now through June 6, 2024. Be sure to submit any and all great ideas you have! More information on registration will be shared soon.

Get involved in the MuleSoft Community

There are many ways you can get involved in the MuleSoft Community and become a Muley! The easiest way to get started is to complete our MuleSoft Community Quick Look Trail. This trail includes all of the resources you’ll need to successfully become a Muley. We’ve also included four easy ways to start your MuleSoft journey today.

MuleSoft Meetups

Join one of our 140+ Meetup groups that host weekly virtual, in-person, and hybrid events for beginners to advanced Muleys. MuleSoft Meetups are 100% community led meaning you’ll hear from real users just like you. We’re always looking for new Muleys to share their expertise in a local or online group. Apply to be a speaker today. 

MuleSoft Trailblazer Groups

If you’re more of a fan of online forums, join one or all three of our official MuleSoft Trailblazer Groups on Trailhead. For the automation enthusiasts, be sure to join MuleSoft Composer Group and MuleSoft RPA Group. For integration lovers, be sure to join the MuleSoft Group. These forums are great opportunities for you to ask and answer questions.

MuleSoft Mentors

Ready to really make a difference and mentor others? Join or nominate someone to become a MuleSoft Mentor. These individuals are dedicated to helping others learn all about MuleSoft, integration, and automation. As a MuleSoft Mentor, you’ll be rewarded for your awesome work and you’ll feel great while doing it!

MuleSoft Community Socials

In our digital and constantly connected world, you can also join the MuleSoft Community on LinkedIn and Twitch. These platforms provide technical how-tos, thought leadership, all things community, and events. We can’t wait to see you online!