Bringing the power of integration to everyone

In a year that has seen unprecedented business disruption, every organization needs to respond to the needs of its customers faster than ever before. As a result, digital-first is increasingly becoming the norm. Yet, according to our latest global research, just over a third of organizations have the skills and technology they need to keep pace with digital projects. The challenge facing organizations as we move into 2021 is being able to deliver digital projects more efficiently,

How to empower citizen integrators to perform integrations with APIs and RPA

September 9 2020


It’s common these days for digital transformation projects for lines-of-business teams to require integration. These folks tend to be less technical but have projects, such as creating an omnichannel experience, that requires data from backend systems to be unlocked. These people can struggle to integrate their legacy systems that don’t have APIs or lack visibility into what APIs are available for the endpoints they need to connect to get the job done.