What is datataloader.io and Why is it Used by Tens of Thousands of Users?

Getting data from and into Salesforce is one of the biggest challenges for Salesforce administrators, especially when it comes to figuring out which data loading tool to use. There are many great data loading solutions provided by multiple vendors; however, when it comes to customer choice, dataloader.io is the #1 data loading tool available through AppExchange.

In this blog, we’ll summarize why dataloader.io is the top choice and show how to get started using it.

Love for your data loader never stops


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it got better. Dataloader.io, the most popular Salesforce data loading solution on the Salesforce AppExchange now supports importing and exporting of files to and from Dropbox!

dataloader.io and dropboxdataloader.io and dropbox

Data loading aficionados can now quickly and easily import or export data directly to and from their Dropbox account.

Dataloader.io Users Bulk Up for the Summer! Data loading stats for Salesforce.com


As an avid observer of the Salesforce.com data loading community, I thought it would be interesting to share some of the trends we see within our dataloader.io user base heading into the summer. How do these data loading trends compare to the activities within your organization?

SaaS is one size fits all (kind of)

Even though Salesforce.com is a SaaS based application,

Get Loaded! With the new Dataloader.io

January 9 2013


We’ve just started 2013 and we already have something to celebrate! Dataloader.io January release is out with many improvements that will make your data loading life even easier than before, including:

> Related object exports – e.g. export contacts and their related accounts in a single operation.
> Filter exports by related objects – e.g. export accounts for a certain user.
> Create custom SOQL queries for advanced reporting.

Dataloader.io is No.1 on the SalesForce.com AppExchange!


We are on a mission to simplify integration at every level, whether that be large scale service orientation, legacy integration, SaaS automation, mobility enablement or even data loading.  For those not familiar with dataloader.io, its a cloud service offered by MuleSoft that allows SalesForce users to upload, download and delete data.  This is an important task, before any SaaS application is useful you need to load data into it.

Geek out with MuleSoft at Cloudstock


We are really excited to be sponsoring Cloudstock on Thursday March 15th, this is a free cloud developer event in San Francisco hosted by Salesforce.com. We’ll be joining top SaaS and cloud thought leaders along with over 3,000 developers at Moscone West,  where throughout the day at our booth, two of our top developers, Dan Diephouse and David Thompson, demonstrate some very cool Mule iON iApps and dig into the code.