Debugging custom Java code in Mule Studio


There’s no need to state the importance of debuggers for developers, and Mule developers are no exception. The goal of this blog post is to provide you with a few handy tips for debugging your custom Java code in Mule Studio.

Getting started

I will assume you have already created your Studio Project and added a custom Java class (a Transformer, Module, etc.). If you are not there yet,

Debugging with Mule Flow and multiple end-points

April 26 2011


When an issue arises in production it can be quite daunting to reproduce it in a test environment.  Ideally one debugs the live application.  But logs don’t tell the whole story.  And a severe issue may require the application be taken down.  How can it be stopped and debugged at the same time?  With Mule composite sources and Mule Management Console (MMC) end-point control you can eat your cake and have it,