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I recently had the opportunity to connect with Choo Tatt Saw, CIO of INSEAD, the #1 MBA program in the world, to discuss how CIOs get a seat at the table with fellow business executives. In our conversation, we dive deep into how exactly IT and the business can build an effective cross-functional relationship — hint: it’s all about establishing trust. Join us as we break down:

  • How to build credibility with internal stakeholders to accelerate a business transformation strategy that aligns with key objectives
  • What is crucial for assembling cohesive and agile IT teams at a global scale, with the right people and technology
  • Why CIOs should consider integration and automation as strategic levers of their IT strategy to speed delivery on new initiatives


Choo Tatt Saw, CIO, INSEAD


Melissa Czapiga, CIOs Unfiltered, MuleSoft

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