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There’s a fundamental shift in the way the enterprise sees IT. Once, a cost center; now, a competitive differentiator. With IT strategy and business strategy becoming one and the same, an entirely new operating model is required to keep pace — and the cost of doing nothing has never been higher. 

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Leading CIOs are thinking differently by establishing a new operating model that securely empowers all teams — from IT to lines of business — with the tools they need to collaborate, automate, do more with less, and speed up innovation.

In this episode of CIOs Unfiltered, I am joined by Esat Sezer, former CIO of Coca-Cola Enterprises and Whirlpool Corporation, and Matt McLarty, Global Field CTO and Head of the Digital Transformation Office for MuleSoft at Salesforce.

We break down how organizations are defying the status quo and shifting not only their technology strategy, but also their operating culture to accelerate growth and empower everyone, even in times of uncertainty.  

Tune in as we discuss:

  • Strategies for overcoming legacy thinking and turning IT into a core competency 
  • How to organize and unleash your innovation capacity to deliver radical efficiency, productivity, cost savings, and growth 
  • Ways to accelerate and advance your organization’s digital maturity level using technologies like automation and integration 


Esat Sezer

Former CIO, Coca-Cola Enterprises and Whirlpool Corp.

Matt McLarty

Global Field CTO & Head of Digital Transformation Office, MuleSoft at Salesforce


Vicky Wells

CIOs Unfiltered, MuleSoft at Salesforce

Learn more about how IT leaders are unleashing transformation with automation.