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Gone are the days of CIOs having control over technology buying decisions in their organizations.

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To keep pace with the delivery of digital initiatives, business teams across the enterprise have been acquiring an increasing number of technologies. Purchasing being done outside of the CIO’s purview leads to compounding technical debt, redundancies, and weakening visibility. 

The CIO of the future is one that securely enables business users to use the technologies they want, how they want. In this episode of CIOs Unfiltered, join Lisa Wardlaw, Insurance Digital Strategist and Former MunichRe and Farmers CXO, as she discusses: 

  • The current state of an average organization’s technology landscape, and how it’s limiting future scalability  
  • Why interoperability is key to allowing business users to make technology decisions without sacrificing IT security and governance 
  • How IT leaders can gain effective oversight into the cost of their technology investments across the enterprise, allowing them to easily identify redundancies and evaluate ROI


Lisa Wardlaw

Insurance Digital Strategist, Former MunichRe and Farmers CXO


Vicky Wells

CIOs Unfiltered, MuleSoft at Salesforce