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Today’s business decisions need to be driven by data. But as the number of apps in your tech landscape grows, being “data-driven” becomes easier said than done. The average enterprise has over 900 applications spread across a variety of business units – making it harder than ever to provide stakeholders with the right data at the right time. 

In this episode of CIOs Unfiltered, Anya Kuligina, Chief Marketing Officer of MuleSoft at Salesforce, sat down with two technology leaders from Anderson Holdings: Brian Schween, Chief Digital Officer, and Denny Pichardo, Director of Technology and Innovations. They discussed how they led a data-first technology strategy that scales across four separate subsidiaries. Tune in as they talk about:

  • How to democratize access to data across the enterprise, and develop a data-driven culture while maintaining security and governance 
  • Why an API-led approach to integration empowers you to meet the needs of your business while setting you up to remain adaptable to change 
  • How technologies like MuleSoft, Tableau, and Slack help you unlock data in real time to enable automation and innovation at scale 
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Brian Schween

Chief Digital Officer, Anderson Holdings

Denny Pichardo

Director, Technology and Innovations, Anderson Holdings


Anya Kuligina 

Chief Marketing Officer, MuleSoft at Salesforce

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