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Throughout our CIOs Unfiltered series, we’ve sat down for conversations with more than 20 tech thought leaders from across a variety of industries. Our guest speakers did not hold back! Topics ranged from digital transformation and operating models to data, automation, and so much more.

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To build a foundation for success across all of these initiatives, there was one critical skillset that all of these tech leaders have mastered. They have found a way to align closely with their business counterparts in order to solve business challenges with strategic investments in technology.

But how have they managed to do it effectively?

To answer that question, we dug into our archives and uncovered the secrets our experts shared. Tune into this special episode to learn how tech leaders are setting their IT strategies by starting with critical business outcomes and working backward. You’ll hear how their teams are able to overcome the pressing challenges facing their organizations today and adapt faster tomorrow to changing market dynamics, industry needs, and customer behavior.

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