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Today, more than 78% of B2B sales across various industries occur through EDI channels. While EDI still remains an indispensable technology to power B2B integrations, organizations are increasingly modernizing their B2B integrations with APIs. In this rapidly changing landscape, many application leaders still struggle to improve their B2B integrations and ecosystem interactions. 

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When API-led connectivity is paired with standardized partner management processes, it creates a new avenue for organizations to improve their bottom line by saving them time and money on integration. In 2019, MuleSoft launched Anypoint Partner Manager to further help our customers simplify their trading partner onboarding and management. 

Our latest release of Anypoint Partner Manager supports EDIFACT messaging standard and FTP transport protocol. With this release, Anypoint Partner Manager allows our customers to integrate with their trading partner ecosystem to exchange business transactions with ANSI ASC X12 and UN/EDIFACT over standard transport protocols such as AS2, SFTP, FTP, and HTTPS.

B2B integration scenarios involving EDIFACT and FTP

EDIFACT stands for Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce, and Transport, and is the international standard for electronic data interchange (EDI). Irrespective of the industry, this standard has been widely adopted by organizations wishing to trade in a global context, especially by those in EMEA and APAC regions. 

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Once connected to a party that hosts an FTP server, the external party can either put files onto the server or pull files off the server, depending on what both parties intend to do. FTP is among the most commonly-used communication protocols for the exchange of EDI documents via the internet and can connect to business partners directly through EDI.

Processing EDIFACT messages with Anypoint Partner Manager

Anypoint Partner Manager is built on a framework that uses a set of user-created configuration objects such as endpoints, message flows, and maps to receive transactions from a source, dynamically apply EDI validation rules to transform and route the message to an intended target. To send and receive EDIFACT messages, MuleSoft customers can configure “EDIFACT” message flows in Partner Managers to apply dynamic message validation rules, transformation, and routing, seamlessly integrating with the backend applications and systems.

Creating and configuring message flows is consistent across different formats in Anypoint Partner Manager. Customers can get visibility into B2B transactions consistently across various messaging formats in a single management plane with Partner Manager.

Getting started with Anypoint Partner Manager

B2B onboarding involves the process of adding trading partners to the B2B network. It is often complex and expensive, with each onboarding activity becoming a project or task of its own.

To learn about a modern approach to B2B Integrations leveraging API-led connectivity, download our ebook. You can use resources such as examples and templates to jumpstart your journey to implement B2B integrations with Anypoint Platform. 

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