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APIs are often considered the “invisible warriors of healthcare.” And as our founder Ross Mason points out in TechBeacon, there are lots of examples of how APIs are transforming healthcare. But could APIs push healthcare innovation even further?

Big strides have been made already. UCSF has rolled out the CareWeb Messenger engagement platform, which allows healthcare professionals and patients to securely communicate online and on mobile devices in real time through APIs. It helps caregivers improve care through a complete view of communications regarding the patient.

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MuleSoft is one of Salesforce’s partners in the Salesforce Health Cloud, a new product that aims to build stronger patient relationships and use data to improve the patient experience.

But there’s still a long way to go to have a truly integrated healthcare experience. Ross notes, “we still require patients to fill out the same forms multiple times every time they visit, which is extremely error prone and creates a slew of downstream problems.Why isn’t this information synced across departments, with other healthcare providers, and with our personal devices that track health functions?”

APIs will enable the connections between the patient, data, and healthcare professionals, and will take healthcare further into the connected area to become truly-patient centered.

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