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The Mulesoft team is pleased to announce the 1.0-beta-8 release of iBeans.

What is iBeans?

iBeans is a service that simplifies integration for web applications. iBeans exposes its API as a small collection of Annotations which can be used to easily integrate with existing or new applications. iBeans is installed in the Application Container and provides integration services to your applications, right now Tomcat is supported with others to follow.

There are two parts to iBeans APIApplication Annotations; these are used to create communication channels and bind them to methods. And Client annotations; these are used to create Client objects, called iBeans that make it really easy to talk to external services such as FaceBook, AWS or Flickr and enterprise services using JMS, Email, HTTP and more.

iBeans also has a public repository called iBeans Central that offers a growing range of reusable iBeans including: Flickr, Twitter,, Amazon EC2, Google Search, Best Buy and more.

What’s in this release?

  • Easy integration for HTTP, RSS, JMS, Email, and public web services.
  • The iBeans console provides an easy way to manage your runtime configuration and grab iBeans from iBeans Central.
  • Scheduling support makes it really easy to kick things off at 2pm on a Tuesday
  • iBeans shell offers a quick solution for trying iBeans out and scripting tasks
  • An Eclipse nature plugin makes it easy to add iBeans to your Application
  • JUnit testing support with the ability to mock out external services for testing
  • Ajax support with bi-directional communication with the browser
  • Examples that demonstrate how to use AJAX events, Google Maps, Twitter, Flickr, Gmail, Scheduling and more.
  • Cross-platform support Java and JavaScript.
  • Bundled iBeans include: Twitter, Flickr, Amazone EC2 and Gmail
  • New iBeans in iBeans Central include FaceBook, Amazon S3, BestBuy and Microsoft Translator.

Getting Started

What is coming next?

  • Support for JAX-RS. These REST annotations are complimentary to iBeans
  • Support for JAX-WS. Simple interactions with Web services
  • Documentation, examples and more documentation. We realise there are some black holes and we’ll be filling them over the next few weeks

As always we listen very carefully to feedback from the community to help make our products easier and more useful. If you have any questions, issues or ideas about iBeans please share. You can send a message on the forums or ping me directly on Twitter. Full contact information is here.

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